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Perhaps I am slow on the uptake, but I was just recently exposed to The A.V. Club's resident sassypants The Hater, who splits sides on topics ranging from French's mustard commercials to the Jamie Foxx v. Miley Cyrus fiasco. Today, however, she tackled the most bizarre gendering of the most random board game I have ever witnessed (perhaps because I cannot think of anything that rivals its randomness): the new pink Quija board! Not only is it pink, signifying it is indeed made for the ladies, but it comes with questions because, as Gillette points out, "Thinking up questions about your own life to ask the dead is hard!" Quite frankly, I am not sure why Hasbro chose this particular moment in time to decide that genderized Quija boards were the way to go. I grew up playing what I can now only assume is the masculine version of the game, and I turned out okay. Gillette does a smashing job of explaining just exactly why the pink version is better for girls. Read the full story here, and for the love of God, Amelie, keep up the good work.

by Ashley Brittner
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I suspect Hasbro chose this

I suspect Hasbro chose this particular time to market the Pink Ouija board in order to capitalize on the current (Disney) princess/pink/"pink is the new black" craze. Just a guess.


I still get fairly confused by the whole "if it is pink, they will buy it" but it seems to work. I've never been a girly girl, so maybe it's just me. I read the full story by Amelie, and I can't tell if she is being somewhat sarcastic throughout. I just can't believe someone would seriously say "you don't want to get those princess ghosts angry, because when they're angry they just go around and punch sleeping girls right in the fallopian tubes, which, everybody knows, is how you get your first period." Um...excuse me? If she meant her posting to be poking fun at Hasbro's marketing scheme, I think it got fairly lost.

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