Do Your Feminist Holiday Shopping at BitchMart!

Whatever and whenever you celebrate this season, you can support what you love by shopping at BitchMart. Here are some of our staff faves for gift giving that are IN STOCK and ready to send now! Be sure to snap up something special before they're gone. And remember, it's OK to treat yourself to something fun this season too...


Snuggle up with your favorite book or magazine, and a cup of tea in one of our lovely mugs. Juicy colors like punch, leaf, tangerine, and classic red add a little splash of sunshine to a winter day, and they're perfectly safe to microwave and throw in the dishwasher. Or buy in a set of 4, save $10 off the price of 4 single mugs, and share!



Our stainless steel water bottle is both sleek and adorable, with illustration by Anke Weckmann in cherry pink or aqua (featured in our "Consumed" issue, #44). Quench your thirst and get ready for spring bike rides...they're not as far away as they seem.



Bitch totes are great for yoga class, library runs, or groceries. They also make a great gift bag! Collect a few back issues and a great book for your feminist babysitter, or fill with home-baked cookies, fruit, and other treats for that neighbor who watched your place while you went home for the holidays.



Postcards make a colorful stocking stuffer, or good thank you notes for all the people who did you right this holiday.

As always, we have a variety of Bitch tees (they're popular...stock and sizes are limited!), so you can wear your feminist love on your sleeve (well, chest). And a gift subscription is a fun and affordable way to treat someone all year long.

So when you're doing your holiday shopping this year, don't forget the feminists on your list! Shop at BitchMart!

Kristin Rogers Brown
by Kristin Rogers Brown
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Kristin Rogers Brown is Bitch Media's Art Director. When not designing Bitch, you can find her teaching illustration and design at PNCA, trying to keep her dog from eating "street food", and doing interpretive dance to the Law & Order opening theme. Follow her on twitter.

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