In Texas, Activist Group "Stop Patriarchy" Draws Criticism

a protest outside the TX courthouse

Activist group Stop Patriarchy has drawn criticism for comparing pregnancy to slavery. Photos by David Thomas.

Inside the federal courthouse in Austin, Texas, Whole Woman’s Health and the Center for Reproductive Rights spent Monday morning fighting to preserve access to safe, legal abortion. Outside the courthouse, a group of people called Stop Patriarchy marched around, proclaiming, “Forced motherhood is enslavement!” 

Stop Patriarchy is New York-based group whose slogan is "End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women.” On Monday, members of the group wore chains, flashed clothing hangers covered with fake blood, and screamed for the television cameras on site to cover the proceedings. As soon as the cameras were gone, they packed up and left.

This is Stop Patriacrchy’s routine: they fly in to places where there’s action around reproductive rights, scream loudly, and then take off. They seem like allies to many of the causes that other reproductive rights groups work on, but Stop Patriarchy got the attention of Texas reproductive justice activists this past week when the group launched a $32,000 fundraising campaign called the “Freedom Ride”—tagging groups like Lilith Fund and Fund Texas Women on Twitter as though they were supporting the effort. The Lilith Fund and Fund for Texas Women are not actually connected to the Freedom Ride. Instead, Texans For Reproductive Justice—a collective of local Texas organizations and activists—is urging people not to support the Freedom Ride because the group is “racist, Islamophobic, anti-sex worker and anti-pornography.” They write:

Stop Patriarchy is diverting both financial contributions and energy away from groups which have been doing important work in Texas for years or decades. Stop Patriarchy is not collaborating with any reputable Texas-based organizations, and in fact, many organizations working toward reproductive justice in Texas and across the country have actively and openly rejected Stop Patriarchy’s presence because of the group’s history of using disruption and intimidation to promote their own agenda above all others.

The name of the Freedom Ride and the protests equating Texas laws with slavery are troubling, says Lenzi Sheible, president of Fund Texas Women. "I sent them a tweet that said, 'Please stop equating abortion restrictions with slavery,’” says Sheible. “In Texas, we are always trying to make feminism as inclusive as possible. This requires a serious attention to the intersection of reproductive health with race, class, ability, sex, gender, sexuality, language, immigration status, and more. If Stop Patriarchy is not willing to do that work, then they don't belong in Texas."

Stop Patriarchy at Monday's protest in Austin, Texas.

When the fundraising campaign launched in June, Texas activists and organizers began asking Stop Patriarchy frontwoman Sunsara Taylor what the group planned to do with the $32,000 and how exactly they were going to help residents of Texas who are less than a month away from only having six abortion clinics in the entire state. It turns out the money isn’t going to Texas reproductive rights groups, but to Stop Patriarchy to run a protest-bus tour through the state and then make a film about their efforts. Genevieve Cato responds to the campaign on the Burnt Orange Report, saying, “That's right, they are raising tens of thousands of dollars to fly people into the state, house them, feed them, make flyers, and then make a movie. They aren't raising money to directly help people who need funds right now to get abortions in Texas.”

As anyone who watched last summer’s filibuster at the Capitol knows, insisting that Texans don’t know how to protest is ridiculous on its face. Pictures and videos of people being arrested, shouting over legislators attempting to vote away their rights, and filling the capitol grounds in the blazing summer heat are widely available. So what made a group that’s purely counter-protest movement want to come to Texas? They’re making a movie.

thousands of texans in orange shirts protesting abortion restrictions

Thousands of Texans turned out to protest abortion restriction laws last year. Photo by DO512 via Creative Commons. 

Texans don’t need a movie that uses their plight to raise money for an out-of-state organization. They need allies and resources—both of which are welcomed from people outside of Texas, despite the retorts of Stop Patriarchy who claim their presence is unwanted because they’re “outsiders” while crying “McCarthyism!” of people who criticize their tactics (Sunsara Taylor is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party).

Lenzi Sheible implores anyone who can safely discuss their support for abortion access to include Texas in their conversations.

"Magnify the words of Texan activists whenever you get the chance,” said Sheible. "Contribute to Texans who work for Texans—not to Stop Patriarchy, whose money will never help a single person in this state. Helping to pay for abortions is something anyone can do from anywhere."

In addition to the "forced pregnancy is enslavement" protests, Stop Patriarchy is holding a series of “People’s Hearings” where people can share their stories about abortion access in Texas. Even if these are helpful listening sessions, Texans are already doing this work: Women's Health Champions of the Texas House, started by state Representative Donna Howard and supported by NARAL Texas, is a statewide listening tour to raise awareness for reproductive rights. Sheible explained that community organizing and work like the listening tour is happening all over the state:

"People from other parts of the country don't understand that Texans are fiercely fighting against oppression every day. Our state government is much more conservative than we are for many reasons, like gerrymandering and racist voter ID laws. Texans are not complacent; we have been agitating and organizing for years. But the political systems in place here just make it much harder for us to create change."

In their “Call to Action," Texans for Reproductive Justice recommends that instead of contributing to the Stop Patriarchy fundraising campaign, people support any of 10 Texas-based organizations including The Bridge Collective and The Cicada Collective. The Bridge Collective offers full-spectrum doula care for Texans who are looking for contraceptive information, adopting, seeking abortions, trying to become pregnant, are pregnant, or who are new parents. The Cicada Collective centers around the needs of queer and trans* people of color who seek a variety of reproductive health care services.

Later this week, Stop Patriarchy will move on to San Antonio and then the Rio Grande Valley. And then they’ll leave. Texans will still be at work responding to the needs of their state and communities because that’s what they do. They are working a long game toward restoring access to all aspects of reproductive healthcare as well as an inspiring effort to save lives and families along the way. 

In addition to the issues with raising money to film themselves doing work that Texas organizations are already doing, Stop Patriarchy is frustrating to many people working on feminist causes because of the other part of their mission: to “end pornography.” I talked with Melissa Gira Grant, the journalist and the author of Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work, about how the organization has made the lives of sex workers harder. 

“Stop Patriarchy opposes pornography and prostitution—not just the business, but the people who work in those businesses. They organize protests against businesses where sex workers work, without the direction or even consent of those workers,” says Gira Grant.

Two years ago, Gira Grant and Sunsara Taylor held a public debate on the issue of pornography and the sex industry—Gira Grant was annoyed to discover that the group was using the reverse side of a flier promoting their debate to call for an action against a sexually oriented business in New York. “There's a history of feminist activists speaking on behalf of sex workers and discounting sex workers who speak up for themselves,” says Gira Grant. When she heard about the current Freedom Ride from Texas activists, Gira Grant understood their concerns. “It doesn't surprise me that Stop Patriarchy is yet again trying to co-opt a hot topic for feminists, especially young feminists, and to use that to draw attention to themselves.”

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Katie Klabusich is a writer, reproductive rights activist, and media contributor.

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Katie Klabusich is writer and host of The Katie Speak Show. Follow her on Twitter: @katie_speak

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43 Comments Have Been Posted

Thank You!

Thank you for actually listening to the voices of Texans and sex workers. Too much of this debate has been about us 'hating Communists" or being against radical direct action for abortion. None of that is true. Our objections are quite clear, but Stop Patriarchy keeps dodging them by reframing the debate. Thank you, Bitch Magazine for publishing this article which actually takes the time to speak to Texans instead of just SP.

The tactics and rhetoric of

The tactics and rhetoric of Stop Patriarchy are so off-the-wall, insensitive, and out-of-touch that if I was inclined to conspiracy thinking, I'd assume they were anti-choice plants attempting to disrupt events and redirect funding from mission-critical work. I'd be interested in learning about their funding sources considering the relatively small digital footprint and the lack of any concrete achievements.

Thank you

I second and third the comments left. Thank you Bitch Media for sharing this well crafted post. Texans love working collaboratively, and we work strategically as progressives, doing our best to be inclusive and intersectional while navigating the culture, history and climate of our state. While I am all for action nationally, we cannot disregard the local, the individual, and the millions of women who will be denied services in Texas.

Katie is an ally from NY that gets it and is always welcome here to help support our fight. We need real change, not rhetoric, transparency not hidden agendas.


what Texas are you in? The law makers in Texas do not listen to the Liberal voice. Austin is not even represented when it comes to their voice due to how the GOP has redistricted the state.


In the Texas that I'm working to turn as Blue as I can? I don't know why you are yelling at me. I get that the rest of Texas is red and difficult, but progressives here are trying to turn things.

GREAT essay on an important

GREAT essay on an important subject. Keep up the coverage, Bitch Media!! These are the movement perspectives that need to be told for both posterity and accountability.

Thank You For This Article

Thanks for the heads up on this group. Although I'm in Arkansas myself, I have friends and allies in Texas, a number of whom were in their state capitol for that massive late night demonstration. So I will be sharing this on Facebook with them as well as linking back to this article from

For the record, let me say that I believe calling out exploitative political predators is NOT the same thing as attacking outsiders. It is NOT McCarthyism either. It is sad but necessary internal house cleaning. I appreciate Bitch Media for their willingness to do this distasteful but important task.

thank you

thank you for the great article

Dishonest portrayal avoids actual disagreement over strategy

Would be difficult to address all the dishonesty and misrepresentation in here. Hope people just go to to see what Stop Patriarchy is ACTUALLY setting out to do, and how. Amazing that this so-called 'expose' doesn't actually lay out or directly respond to either the stated "Mission" on that page, or the 3 bullet points on the strategy to do that.

Also, in ALL of this "exposure" and previous attempts to wreck the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride - I have yet to see a coherent strategy to defeat and reverse the attacks on abortion. Abortion Funds are important - but don't even think those working on this aspect of Repro rights would argue that funding abortions or providing travel expenses for women to receive abortions will stop the attacks. When will you come out and just say that you think it's wrong to mobilize people in a way that is unleashed from the Democrats?

Inflammatory claims of racism and islamophobia are just absurd, and anyone who actually goes to an SP protest or watches the People's Hearings (that Klabusich conveniently avoids linking to): - would see that.

People donated to SP based on their righteous desire to change the terms of the abortion debate (not simply a matter of "healthcare" or "choice" but women's liberation) and see visible bold resistance against those who would like to reduce women to breeders...because those were clearly the stated goals. How condescending to people in Texas and beyond to think they need a "gatekeeper" like Klabusich to explain what is really going on and what this is setting out to do. And btw, what would be wrong with making a film to let more people know about this fight, or getting press to expose what this fight is actually about? One of the stated strategies is to reach out to people broadly to CHANGE how they think about this fight - media is needed for that.

Does anyone really take you seriously when you argue that young people came from around the country simply to make a film? Relatedly, the claim that SP is only seeking to profit financially off of this is just outrageous. These arguments strike me as only projections of someone who thinks that way themselves. There is an actual emergency, people are acting commensurate to that, sorry that is so hard for you to comprehend.

One piece of buried truth here: "Texans are not complacent; we have been agitating and organizing for years. But the political systems in place here just make it much harder for us to create change." Right. Because the political systems are not made for liberating women, and never will be the key link to stopping these attacks. Only when people break OUT of that framework will we be able to make any meaningful change.

thanks for this

i had never heard of this organisation before reading this article, but i was immediately struck by how biased and unfair the reporting sounded. i do not think that the situation is as cut and dried as the article claims, and the slandering makes me more likely to be open to supporting the organisation they are trying to discredit

except ALL of this is readily

except ALL of this is readily and easily Googled and searched via tweets via a Topsy search.

nice try though. no slander, this is all stuff real people witness and experienced. but keep being stupid.

lol wow... this article was

lol wow... this article was the first i had heard of this organisation. i don't live in the Centra of the Universe (aka United States of America) so i don't actively search out the goings on there. at most i read about events that i stumble upon in spaces like this. but keep on being paranoid if that floats your boat

Oh, please.

Tell me one thing SP has done, or is planning to do, that will have any impact on the situation in Texas. One thing.
I doubt you can, since many of us here reached out to them for MONTHS, in good faith, trying to get an answer to this question. We have never gotten an answer, just more self-serving blah blah blah.
SP is not helping anyone break out of any framework. They are run by an actual capital P Patriarch, and are patriarchy's little helper. I do not doubt that there are some people in the organization who simply have some things to learn, and who one day will be among our true allies, but come on. Yes, the language they use is harmful to sex workers, it is appropriative and racist and yes, islamaphobic. There is no need to drag Islam into the debate. It's CHRISTIANS doing this. We have our own religious extremists. SP ignores the commentary of women who are harmed by the language they use, and the tactics they use. They are unwilling to engage in discussion in good faith. They are only interested in promoting their own organization and fundraising off of our very real plight.
One thing. Tell me one thing that helps Texas that was or will be accomplished by Stop Patriarchy. I'll wait.

but why is what you're

but why is what you're "setting out to do" not include talking to women in Texas and working with women's rights groups already working within the state?

ok Sunsara. ok. we get it.

ok Sunsara. ok. we get it. yawn. don't you have more people to bug?

URGENT: Abortion Rights Emergency

NEWS FLASH: abortion rights are in a state of emergency, all across the US we are RAPIDLY LOSING ABORTION RIGHTS AND ACCESS. Women in TX and Louisiana are already self inducing abortions, many women are already back to the days of the back alley and the coat hanger. In 2011 Texas had 44 clinics, now it's down to 19, and by September it will be SIX clinics left. It's time to confront REALITY here. We are LOSING.

And frankly, if you want to spend time fighting AGAINST a group that has the strategic vision and mission of getting past fighting local battles, and has launched a freedom ride to fight to really turn this whole national assault back, then you need to reevaluate what it is you are actually fighting for. And if you're fighting for anything worthwhile at all.

Stop Patriarchy never claimed to launch a freedom ride just to help women in Texas get abortions (though if you go to that indigogo page you might notice there are 2 women in Texas getting free abortions because a TX provider donated them.) The point is to recognize how urgent the current situation is, the life and death stakes for the half of humanity that's female, how abortion being criminalized will impact all of society.

It is TIME to go on the offensive, it is TIME to take to the streets, it is TIME to indict these politicians that want forced motherhood, female enslavement, and traditional patriarchy. It is TIME to STOP being polite, it is TIME to STOP apologizing, to STOP being meek, STOP being ladylike, and start fighting to WIN abortion on demand and without apology!

And on the pornography tip...If you're unsure about that topic, you are not alone, many of the people working with Stop Patriarchy have questions around that. But are you really going to ignore the facts on this topic too?? You really want to defend a multi billion dollar a year industry, that is involved in enslaving women? Most women do NOT choose prostitution/pornography. Most women are forced or coerced into it. The most popular genres of pornography are RAPE AND GANG RAPE. And simultaneously there is a global epidemic of RAPE AND GANG RAPE. You really want to defend that as being "positive???" Read some Andrea Dworkin, read Linda Lovelace's book Ordeal. Read some Sunsara Taylor, and Bob Avakian. Face some of what's really happening to women, and start actually digging into what we can do to change the world, so that women can be FREE.

"strategic vision"

What strategic vision? Show me one thing they have done that has helped anyone here in Texas. Show me one material effect anywhere in America from SP's tactics. They are nothing but shouty jerks on a bus. Prove me wrong. I'll wait.

Maybe read some women of

Maybe read some women of color too. Or aren't they allowed in the revolution?

Seconded. Loudly. Also, read

Seconded. Loudly.

Also, read works written by more sex workers, not just Lovelace, to gain a more nuanced idea of what sex work might be like. Instead of crusading to save sex workers, you could help open up more space for sex workers to continue to struggle on their own behalf. Here's a little more on that, some thoughts from an actual real live human sex worker:

Also, there are women who like porn, and you demonizing us for liking to watch sex doesn't make you an awesome extra righteous feminist. There is such a thing as ethical sex positive porn

YES! Seriously.

YES! Seriously.

you really spammed this

you really spammed this article with text from one of your crappy tracts? really? this is why we do not like you. you cannot accept people do not HAVE to like or agree with you. expecting us to kiss your ass in support is pretty much the hallmark of your organization. go jump.

Summary of this "article"

Summary of this "article" Some people are uncomfortable with SP tactics, jealous of sharing the pro-choice spotlight with anyone they don't control, unable to admit that the current strategies of relying on politicians is not working, and are cherry picking quotes and examples to support their bias agenda. Women will die without safe, legal abortion! Get off the couch and use your twitter fingers for something useful. If you support all your local causes - great. But I don't want to patch a leak on a sinking ship, that is a short-term foolish solution. We have to demand real, serious change. Why don't you write about that? Don't be afraid of the truth.

Oh please

Show me one thing SP has done or will do to help Texas. One thing. I'll wait.

which organizations do you

which organizations do you think are "relying on politicians" as their sole tactic? the two organizations linked in the post "it's funny you put article in scare quotes like bitch isn't aware it's a blog post) certainly aren't. they are takng direct action to help people with their reproductive needs. what does protesting from a bus do? protesting is usually a tactic to draw attention to an issue or sway opinion on that issue so that people will change behaviors or policies. which behaviors and policies will SP's trip affect that aren't related to politicians? who are you demanding change from? if not politicians?

Just one thing

To everyone who has posted odd, incoherent rants in support of Stop Patriarchy. I get that you see the problem.
That's why talking with you is always so frustrating. SP shills always rant about the problems here and how serious they are, as if we don't fucking know that. No one is saying everything is dandy. No one is saying we don't welcome outside help. We are saying that you, Stop Patriarchy, are DOING IT WRONG. No matter what we say, you won't address our actual issues with you, and that is frustrating. No one is "jealous", no one is scared of how "radical" you are. No one is against outsiders helping our dire situation.
We welcome help from people who bother to look at what we are already doing, where it can be bolstered, where it can be amplified, even where it is falling short.
But show me just one thing, just one material actual result achieved by Stop Patriarchy. Show me one way your little field trip helped people in Texas. The hearings could have been good if they weren't actively shutting out local activists. Sharing stories is important, which is why we are already doing that. You could have lent support to that effort instead of having your own exclusive little party and barring Texas activists from attending.
What one of you calls patching a leak on a sinking ship, we call funding abortion for women. They aren't ships. They are people, and what you spent on your field trip and self promoting film could have saved hundreds of women. Had you actually achieved any measurable change, I might concede the point. We need to help individuals AND attack systemic problems. Agreed. But you aren't actually doing either.
Some of you have your heart in the right place, I know this. But you have a lot to learn. And some of you deliberately refuse to learn. Some of you are just assholes, shouty jerks on a bus, who roll into town, yell at the capitol, and then roll out, while nothing here has changed. If you care about women here, then listen to them. This idea that we are dumb yokels who need to be saved from ourselves is incredibly paternalistic for a group that claims to be against patriarchy.

of course forced pregnancy is

of course forced pregnancy is enslavement - of course it is.

grow up.

FORCING pregnancy (via denying birth control / denying abortion / marital rape) reduces woman / female to the status of "breeder."

that is what patriarchs believe.

what the antis want

I agree that SP is not behaving in ways I like or feel are positive but we are infighting. That is what the antis want. If we cannot work together, the antis get more power. Let's actually get this resolved and go back to protecting women and all of our rights. We are doing the work of the antichoicers while they sit back and laugh.

it's not infighting when one

it's not infighting when one party involved is HARMING women with racism and diverting funds from on the ground work that the other parties are involved in. it just isn't.

why doesn't sp focus on issues in ny instead of spreading their resources thin? if they legit think sex work is enslving women, there is plenty to protest here. not that our abortion situation is ideal (especially outide of NYC.) what about our crises with forced domestic labor? more than once in the past 10 years people in ny state have been found -actually- enslaving domestic workers, and that doesn't even count the exploited domestic workers who are technically paid.

going to Texas as if it's the only place that is having reproductive injustice issues in the US when there are other dire situations in less national news covered states and sp's home state has lots to improve, especially by sp's standards comes off as completely disingenuous, regardless of their stated intentions.

it is not infighting. SP and me are not fighting for the same things, because I oppose racism. that's pretty simple. teapartiers aren't on my side just because I do not trust the government to look out for my interest.


Antis could care less about what you call infighting, but most call criticism.

But they do love using photos of Stop Patriarchy with banners on enslavement which offend many who support reproductive rights.


When the prochoice movement fights with one another, we forget what the real fight is for.

if you think criticizing

if you think criticizing racism is more distracting from the "real cause" than being racist is, we safe not fighting for the same cause. you can't liberate women by demeaning those women who are oppressed by racism and islamaphobia, you can only liberate white women that way.

Racism is not a distraction - Bogus claims of racism is

Anyone who has seriously looked into Sunsara Taylor's work, or spoken with people around SP, would know that many are also involved on the front lines against fights against mass incarceration and police brutality. To call these people racist just doesn't land.

I think that one can only think SP downplays the actual horrors of chattel slavery and terror of Jim Crow (then and now) if

1) you are caught up in an "identity politics" framework that is more concerned with defining oppression, than actually doing away with oppression in the real world. I have seen intersectionality have this affect on people too, where instead of the main thing being a recognition that ALL oppression should be fought against, they see things as "complicated" and spend more time combing through twitter/articles to correct people's language, sort and rank oppressions, than building resistance to the crimes of this system. There are layers of oppression, not arguing against that. Arguing against a framework that paralyzes people from taking up the fight because they're so concerned with "who am I to say there's oppression of that group?"

2) You think women's oppression isn't 'as bad as' oppression of Black people (again, even that framework of trying to rank is just fucked to begin with). Nowhere on this planet is it safe to be a woman. This doesn't diminish anything about the crimes of or the horrors of oppression of Black people. It is also true that women of color get hit most hard with when abortion rights are taken away - SP has never tried to say otherwise.

Stop Patriarchy's ideology:

Stop Patriarchy's ideology:

controlling women's access to abortion: enslavement.

controlling women's access to lucrative work they may enjoy: liberation.

did I get that right?

Stop Patriarchy has never

Stop Patriarchy has never publicly accounted for anything in the last year. i have been asking and challenging on a regular basis since last year. Googling and Topsy searching via tweets shows their ulterior motive: RCP/BA worship. that's all. i have yet to see any real help nor change that helps us actual Texans.

Being cool and showing a bit of respect really isn't that hard.

I'm a Texan and not super active in the repro justice movement on a day to day basis. I give money here and there, show up with my orange T-shirt when I'm needed, and try to be generally supportive. I take my rights seriously and do what I can. I'm also friends with people of all political stripes - Democrats, anarchists, socialists, libertarians, conservatives even - if someone is cool to me I'm cool with them.

Thing is, Stop Patriarchy is not cool. They weren't cool to anyone here, and in particular they were very uncool to black women. Black Texans, descended from slaves. I saw with my own eyes how Stop Patriarchy blew off their concerns like they were meaningless.

When people call them on the use of the word "enslavement" their response is to say "forced motherhood IS female enslavement!" No, "slavery" is being owned to the point of being bought and sold. Getting your rights and freedoms restricted is really shitty, but it's not slavery. Also, couldn't you have called your "Freedom Ride" a "Protest Tour"? I mean it's easy not to appropriate other people's struggles. Really.

Coming to the South and acting like the Civil Rights struggle is ancient history is pretty clueless. I know people that remember being denied services during Jim Crow. Austin is still segregated. It's an ongoing battle to preserve the cemeteries where freed slaves were laid to rest, because developers seem to always think they are on pretty good land. Poverty and incarceration is extremely high among people of color. This is an ongoing fight - we're not "post-racial" to the point to where we can start calling everything we don't like "slavery!"

You just can't come down here and insult people of color. Texas is a "majority-minority state" - respect that.

One last point - no we don't hate outsiders. We're really nice and hospitable to people that support us. All you have to do is be cool and have a bit of respect. It's not that hard.

Throughout history people of

Throughout history people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds have been enslaved. It is not just about being bought and sold. In some cultures people can be born into slavery and still are today. Anything that results in forced childbearing is certainly slavery. The control of ones own body is not a "right" like getting to vote. It is intrinsic to your fundamental humanity. Arguing over whose oppression is worse, who gets to use the term slavery, etc is just a distraction. We are neither post-racial nor post-feminist, this kind of infighting hurts everyone.

Maybe if we just ignore them…they'll get back on the bus.

We drove by the Governor's Mansion and counted just how many SP folks were there - 29. 29 people waving signs and yelling. Some of them were passing out flyers.

So, I'm not sure that's worth a bus trip…it's certainly not worth paying attention to one more hot minute.

I would ignore them if they

I would ignore them if they weren't raising so much money. Anyone that is thinking about giving money to them should know the whole story about them.

You're going to lose the

You're going to lose the election.

I'm not even running for

I'm not even running for office, so I don't see how I can lose the election.

So, we're supposed to hate

So, we're supposed to hate them because they're making a movie? Despite their perhaps aggressive nature, they're on our side so it seems dumb to divide as such. Besides, as most of us here know, not every activist group can or should be centrist glad-handers.

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