It's Different At Bitch—And That's Because Of You

In politics, there’s a saying that the only politician you can count on to align 100% with your values, 100% of the time, is you. That’s why, in past as a political fundraiser, I was always a little nervous to make my pitch for whatever progressive cause I was working on. I’d always end up toeing a line that I agreed with, mostly, but not entirely. And that made me nervous.

The beauty of asking for your support at Bitch is that I don’t have to agree with everything we publish. And that’s okay. One thing I’m always behind is how we go about things: We operate from the idea that we’re not always going to get everything right, that we’re always learning from our writers and our readers, and that most things are constantly in flux.

Whether we’re excited to publish the next issue of our quarterly magazine, eager to get out the next episode of Popaganda up online, waiting to hear from our cofounder Andi on how her latest Bitch on Campus visit went, or just enthusiastic about our daily posts on our blog, delivering Bitch Media in all its formats is fulfilling.

Last week, after renewing her subscription, one reader said that Bitch is "cutting edge, gutsy, asking the hard questions, stretching boundaries." We love that Bitch readers are with us when it comes to functioning from a place that’s mostly gray. That you’re okay with the uncertainties that come along with careful examination.

The truth is, we’re only able to be what you know as Bitch because we say no to big checks from corporations who badly want to reach our “demographic.” Our status as a feminist outlet depends on reader support—the idea that we can’t rely too much on any one source of support, or we’ll lose our independent voice, and with it our values.

And that means that when it comes to support, we’re counting on you.

That’s why this campaign—the $30,000 May Match—is so critical. It counts on a whole lot of readers chipping in to donate whatever they can—$19.96 for a subscription, $5 each month for B-Hive membership, or hey, even just a donation of $2, or $20, or $250, or whatever makes sense for you—to fund this work and to ensure that we’re as independent tomorrow as we were 18 years ago when Bitch began.

It’s simple. To reach our goal by May 31, we’ve got $7,932 left to raise—and every subscription, donation, and B-Hive membership is matched. There’s no better time to support feminist media.

So will you contribute in whatever way you can?

Thanks, thanks, thanks!

- Kate

Kate Lesniak, Development Director
Bitch Media

Kate Lesniak is the publisher at Bitch Media.

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