It's time for Bitch's New Deal

Many of you are anxiously awaiting your summer issue of Bitch, which was due to hit your mailboxes at the end of this month. Well, there's been a slight change of plans. You'll still be getting that issue...but not until September.

We know, it sucks. But here's the deal: As most Bitch, readers already know, the past few years have been a time of flux, both for Bitch and for the magazine industry as a whole. It's a cold, heartless world out there on the newsstand, and more and more magazines simply aren't surviving. We are. But we're also pausing to regroup, revamp, and plan for the organization's smarter, more sustainable future.

Just so we're clear: You're not losing a thing. The new Bitch that comes to you in September will be new and improved, with a snazzy redesign, brand-new columns and features, and a stronger organization behind it. You'll love it, we promise.

by Briar Levit
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well if the new issue is anywhere near as snazzy as this new banner ad, i'm all for it!

I would stand out in subzero

I would stand out in subzero temperatures for my Bitch.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Just so ...

... you don't regroup and then abruptly end like <a href="">Clamor</a> did. I am considering extending my sub during the drive (and fill up my donation piggy bank) to continue supporting you.

Bitch better not disappear,

Bitch better not disappear, especially with an announcement the day before my birthday. Let me know when we're in the sell all my possessions to keep the magazine afloat stage.

Don't worry!

We aren't going anywhere. However, while we don't need you to sell all your possessions, we could use some help! Make sure your subscription is up to date, and think about hosting a Bitch house party (for your birthday, maybe?) or becoming a Street Team captain!

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

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