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itsyourmoveAs you may have noticed, we're in the midst of a subscription campaign. We need about 300 new subscribers by the end of the week to reach our goal, and we need web readers (that's you!) to help us get there. See, if you love Bitch online, we're willing to be that you'll also love Bitch in print (plus, a subscription to Bitch supports Bitch Media, thus allowing us to provide free online content—it's a win-win)! If you've never encountered a print version of Bitch before, you're in for a real treat. Here are some totally unbiased reasons why:

The content in Bitch in print is completely different from what you find on our website.
That's right: The content you'll find in the magazine is, for the most part, not available online. The magazine publishes columns, features, and interviews—all of which tend to be wordier and more in-depth than what's on our blogs—as well as shorter pieces of media response and analysis. We also feature book and music reviews, a section called Love It/Shove It that offers short rants and raves, and an ongoing feature called the Bitch List that highlights cool media and pop-culture products/projects. Something for everyone!

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Bitch features original illustrations that are mindblowingly awesome.
The print magazine is the place to be for all kinds of original artwork—created just for the magazine!—from amazing feminist artists. Behold:

Images, clockwise from top left: "Mother Huckster" (issue #50) Miriam Ampersand; "Was 2009 the Year Hip Hop Reinvented Sex?" (issue #47) Wendy McNaughton; "Mustache Love" (issue #49) Yoswadi Krutklom; Adventures in Feministory, Lucy Gonzales Parsons (issue #50) Laura Park.

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Adventures in Feministory is a comic in the print magazine!
That's right. Instead of being an article about a woman from history (the way we roll on the blog), Adventures in Feministory is a comic in each issue of Bitch in print. From the women of Oz to Joan Rivers, you don't want to miss out when feminist history is given the comic book treatment. Bonus: This section also features original work by the aforementioned amazing feminist artists!

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Bitch in print is, well, in print.
Say what you will about online content (hey, we love it too), but you can't dog-ear a blog post or clip out a portion to display on your fridge. Not only does subscribing to Bitch mean supporting what you love, it means getting fresh, new issues delivered straight to your mailbox. Display them on the shelf, stack them in the bathroom, use them to line your birdcage, whatever—when it comes down to it, you can't beat print.

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We'll say it again: It's great that you read Bitch online. Thank you! But if you aren't a Bitch subscriber, you're missing out on some really great content that we know you, savvy feminist that you are, would enjoy. So subscribe now! Get a shiny new copy of Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture delivered straight to your mailbox! Get $5 off of the regular subscription price, AND win fabulous prizes, all while supporting what you love! What are you waiting for?

by Kelsey Wallace
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I currently have a two year

I currently have a two year subscription (starting year two now) and while I *completely* understand why it's important for as many Bitch readers as possible to also be subscribers, I have been bombarded with "please subscribe" e-mails. It's hard for me to not feel a little spammed by this when, seriously, I am a subscriber (and not a first-time one, either). I am happy to be on the Bitch mailing list, but maybe you could separate out the subscribers from the rest? It'd be a minor courtesy but it would make a big difference to me!

I subscribed!

I can't wait for my first issue to arrive!

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