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Each week, thousands of people visit this website (hi there!), but many of them haven't yet subscribed to Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, our print magazine. Does this describe you? Do you enjoy Bitch Media's online offerings but have yet to know the joy of getting a shiny print edition—full of new articles that can't be found on the website of course—delivered right to your mailbox? We can help!

According to our Will Hunting-style calculations, we need just one Bitch blog reader to subscribe every 26 minutes in order to meet our goal of 801 new subscribers by February 11. Be that one. Help keep Bitch going strong, and see everything you've been missing in the print magazine! Not only will you be helping us reach our goal (thus ensuring that we can continue to publish the magazine and these here blogs), but you'll be saving $5 off of the regular subscription price, AND you'll be eligible to win prizes from the time you subscribe through the end of the campaign!

(Feminist money-saving bonus tip: If you sign up for a multi-year subscription you get $5 off of each year! For you thrifty souls, that means you can save $15 on a three-year subscription! Suze Orman would be so proud.)

We bet two minutes have already gone by since you started reading this—what are you waiting for!? Subscribe now! The clock is ticking and it's your move!

by Kelsey Wallace
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I know you're trying to get subscriptions, but could you please remove the pop-up from your site? It really cuts down on accessibility.

Blogs homepage

Thanks, PharaohKatt! Our subscription campaign is through next Friday, so the pop-up will be in effect until then. However, in the meantime you can bookmark our blogs homepage: and access the site without pop-ups there. Hope that helps!

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