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Yoshimi P-we who plays with the psyche-noise-experimental group the "Boredoms" and is the leader of her own band "OOIOO." She is a musician of extraordinary talent and uniqueness, and is the kind of musician that makes you want to quit whatever your doing and take up drums for the rest of your life, with only hopes that you'll be an ounce as good. Yoshimi has been a prolific collaborator since the mid 1980's, when she began working with Yamantaka EYE on his UFO or Die project (a cut-up, noisy affair directly related to EYE's previous work with Hanatarash and emerging Boredoms recordings).







She joined the Boredoms lineup as lead drummer, and would become the most consistent member (along with EYE) for the next 20 years. Associations with Sonic Youth led to Yoshimi's involvement in Free Kitten, with Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore), and she has continued to lend her significant skills as a multi-instrumentalist and producer for a variety of bands throughout the 90's and 00's.

What sets Yoshimi apart from other eternal collaborators is that she seems to always be a driving force behind bold experimentation in sound and composition. This is most clearly apparent in the progression of Boredoms from punkish noise and no-wave through layered electronics and, most recently, rapturous tribal and elemental creations. The evolution of Yoshimi's own side project, OOIOO, has mirrored this shift to rhythm-based communications with nature. With Yoshimi acting as producer, singer, trumpeter, drummer, and guitarist, OOIOO's albums are the manifestos of sun and mountain, fusing chants, repetitive rhythms, electronics, and sinewy guitar riffs to create meditations and explosions alike.




Check out, in particular, Gold and Green (2005), and Taiga (2007) for a thorough representation of the sublime presence of OOIOO, and to experience the culmination of Yoshimi's significant mark on experimental, elemental sound.

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I love OOIOO. Good call! She's an amazing musician.

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