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orange and blue sign reading 'Keep Bitch in Print'Hello there, dear Internet reader. I can only assume that, since you're here (thanks!) that you value Bitch Media and the work that we do providing a feminist response to pop culture. Excellent! That's what I want to talk to you about.

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See, Bitch began as a print magazine, and even though now we're oh-so-much more than that (which as web editor I am psyched about, let me tell you), the magazine is still a big part of what we do here. It's important, and not just because print media is struggling and that sucks and we should all pitch in and do our part. It's also important because, as people who care about providing a feminist response to pop culture (that's you! and me too!), we want to reach out to as many people in as many ways as possible. Lots of people encounter Bitch Media through the magazine—in fact, maybe that's how you discovered us. We want to keep that print train rolling and we want you to help. (Also, have you seen the print magazine? It's gorgeous and super interesting and will make you look smart if you read it in public.)

Subscribe to Bitch! We're not kidding!

So this is where the real talk comes in. Because I'm willing to bet that many of you reading this right now, online, do not subscribe to the magazine. We'd like to change that. You see, if we don't get more supporters and subscribers, we might not be able to print Bitch anymore. Seriously.

Get a Bitch subscription already!

It's time to put your money where your Bitch is, online reader. If you want to Keep Bitch in Print, if you want to support the organization that brings you all the feminist response to pop culture that's fit to print—online and off—subscribe, renew, or become a sustainer now. Thank you!

by Kelsey Wallace
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A suggestion to the long-timers, like myself

Is it time to renew again? Don't just renew this time. Very seriously consider "upgrading" your renewal by joining the B-Hive. That's what I plan on doing to insure that this vitally important response to an ever-sexist, ever-corporate controlled, ever-worsening pop culture keeps thriving. Food for serious thought.

social media

Please do not forget to use social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) to spread the message!

Can you post information that

Can you post information that breaks down the numbers? How many subscriptions/donations do you need? How close are you to meeting your goal? What is the deadline?

Of course!

Hi Anonymous,

Our goal is to get 1,500 new/renewed subscriptions by August 8. As of yesterday (day two of the campaign) we were at 163 and counting. Help us get there!



And keep an eye on our lovely graphic at the top of our website! There is a bar tracking our subscriptions over time.

I just became a first-time

I just became a first-time subscriber a couple of days ago!

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