Listen to the New Album from Pioneering All-Female Punk Band The Neo Boys

The Neo Boys, four women looking tough

The Neo Boys broke into the male-dominated punk scene in 1978, when the band of four women took to the stage in Portland and made a serious impact on the history of punk.  

Now, indie label K Records is releasing a double CD (and double LP) retrospective of their work, “Sooner or Later,” which pulls together the band’s rough recordings from 1978-1983. Listening to the album from guitarist Jennifer LoBianco (and, later, Meg Hentges), drummer Pat Baum, and sisters Kim and Kt Kincaid feels like hearing music that’s “from the end of the pen, the stroke of the brush, a hit across the back of the head with a 2x4” that is “joyous to the extreme,” as K Records founder Calvin Johnson puts it.

The 45-track album “Sooner or Later” goes on sale on October 15, but K Records is streaming the album on Bitch for free just this week only.  Listen below!

UPDATE 10/16: This album stream is now done. But you can listen to two songs for free below. 

Nothing to Fear:

The album’s official record release party is November 10 at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland—it has a great lineup and is also a fundraiser for the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. The show features Cold Beat (Hannah Lew, formerly of Grass Widow), Newman/Schonberg/Reyna, The Ghost Ease, Toody Cole (of Dead Moon), The Vandies, Monica Nelson, Busy Scissors, and Crimson Typhoon. Check it out! 

by Sarah Mirk
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I actually don't think the

I actually don't think the first wave punk scene was that male-dominated (at least in comparison with other music scenes). You had Patti Smith, The Electric Chairs, X, The Slits, X-Ray Spex, Blondie and Siouxsie and the Banshees all as major forces and quite a few smaller bands that were all-female or female led.

There wasn't exactly gender parity but early punk did a lot better job welcoming female acts then most music subcultures (later punk waves definitely included).


See also: the Bags, the Avengers, the Go-Gos (before their pop days) etc.

Perhaps Portland's early scene was not as welcoming as LA or Britain. But the earliest punks seemed to be pretty inclusive until the advent of hardcore turned punk into a white boys' club.

Don't forget The

Don't forget The Contractions! 1978 - 1984 All female punk rock band from San Francisco. Consisting of Mary Kelley, Debbi Hopkins and Kathy Peck.

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