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If you like reading our Mad World series on gender, identity, and advertising, you're going to *love* listening to the podcast! Click on the player below to hear interviews with the folks from Sociological Images, Jean Kilbourne, and much much more. You can also download the podcast from our iTunes channel or our archive page.

A preview:

: 30 Intro

1:13 An interview with Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharp of Sociological Images. Listen to the full interview here.

14:50 Vox Populi: What do you think are the worst stereotypes in advertising?

19:50 An interview with Jean Kilbourne, author and creator of the Killing Us Softly series. Listen to the full interview here.

31:00 Outro

Bonus! This Mad World podcast features music from Secret Cities and was produced by Julie Sabatier, host and creator of Destination DIY.

Transcript available here. (.doc) (Thanks JR and Katie!)

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Would you consider making a

Would you consider making a transcript of this podcast & interview for those who would have difficulty hearing it?

Transcript on the way!

Yes, we have already sent the files to one of our awesome transcription volunteers—we'll get it up as soon as it's ready!

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RSS Feed?

Are you all considering creating a straight up RSS feed for the podcast? I don't use I tunes, and it would be nice to be able to download it with my media player as opposed to having to come to the site (when I happen to remember) and do it manually.


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