Mad World: What Liquor Ads Teach Us About Guys

Anita Sarkeesian
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Liquor ads capitalize on some of the worst (socialized) masculine traits, glamorize them, and sell these behaviors back to us–encouraging and promoting sexism.

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I enjoyed this, but it is

I enjoyed this, but it is also true that in advertising all wives are harpies who want to force their husband to conform to them, which probably encourages the idea that they can then ogle the single hot girls in the street! You're lucky in the US at least you don't get naked women in every shower gel, shampoo or deodorant commercial.

Yes, but


What you're saying may well be true in many instances, but what exactly does that have to do with Anita's post? She is deconstructing the portrayal of masculinity in alcohol advertisements—that certainly doesn't mean she thinks there are no other problems in the world of advertising, it just means she isn't addressing them with them in this post.

Kelsey Wallace, Web Editor

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I don't think the commenter said that Anita thinks there are no other problems. I think he/she was just contributing to a broader discussion.

And you know what's so

And you know what's so hilarious: men constantly argue that women are manipulative and use their bodies to get what they want. Sounds like projection on men's part to me! Thanks for the awesome vid, telling it like it is.

Wow, the chick hosting the

Wow, the chick hosting the video is really cute.

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