Man Boobs and Man Pepsi: A Video Retrospective

Bitch talks a lot about the ways in which certain products are marketed to women, and with good reason (there are some weeeeird lady products out there). However, for every product that bizarrely targets women there is one that bizarrely targets men as well. Here are a few that have come to our attention as of late:

Boost Mobile

And here is another Boost Mobile/Danica Patrick ad:

While the racecars and Danica Patrick indicate that this is a product for dudes, it is surprisingly gender-bendy (what with all of the men in drag, and the gynecomastia, and the woman athlete signing fans' breasts). Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? On paper it seems like it shouldn't be offensive, and yet...

(You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of the making of these Boost commercials here. Be prepared for the Boost crew to make a HUGE deal out of men wearing high heels.)

Also, why is Boost Mobile a product for men? Is it really necessary to gender cell phones? And while we're on the topic of unnecessarily gendered products...

Pepsi Max

I guess that all physical pain is preferable to tasting (gasp!) diet cola! At least for men, that is. Too bad Pepsi Max is also a diet cola. It looks like those studies that claim that women don't actually have a higher pain threshold than men do were not factoring in diet cola consumption. Do you think that the Pepsi Max ads were created in part as a response to the ubermasculine Coke Zero ads?

Coke Zero

It looks like dudes really love themselves some diet cola that doesn't say "diet" on the label. You know, because there is no way to be masculine and use a "lady" cell phone carrier or drink a "lady" diet soft drink. Right?

Have you noticed any products that unnecessarily target men out there in the wide world of advertising? Share them in the comments section!

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Goofing on sexy exploits

I laughed, but then again I have no problem goofing on the girls who actually do the boob signing. Seeing the reverse is extremely comical. The second Danica add , funny as it is, exploits notions of women in heals and skirts. Yeah , yeah, we all know ifs a goof on that notion but still its hard to ignore the original premise. And considering the star of both these commercials has no problems exploiting her sexuality for cash, why should we be surprised at her staring in a commercial that mocks this notion?


This bullshit commercial bothers me every time I see it, the least reason being the two guys' shock at a woman wanting to watch sports.

The motto is "you can never have too much good stuff", and that's the relevance of this commercial to AM/PM, I suppose.

What on EARTH does this have

What on EARTH does this have to do with commercials being directed towards a specific gender?!?!

hahahahahahaha. Yeah, this

hahahahahahaha. Yeah, this is the real subtext of gender stereotyping debates: wine vs., um, sheep cheese.

i'm gonna go with this being

i'm gonna go with this being spam.


But can you have that spam with goat cheese?

That was bad.

the taste

what i don't understand about the diet soda commercials is why they are making a product that 'tastes like the real thing' and also still making the diet version. what is different in the formulation? why wouldn't women want their calorie-less soda to taste like regular soda?

i can only imagine it's the old "oh i'm not on a diet i just like the taste of diet soda" better line. when i was in highschool, i never believed anyone who said this. i'm more inclined to think it's possible now, but since diet soda isn't less sweet than regular soda, it just tastes like aspartame, i am still skeptical.

but is it possible that the people responsible for these products and advertisement -don't- think this is a lie? they think women really do like the taste of diet soda, it's not just that everyone expects them to be skinny and/or dieting? it's just like the fast food meat ads all about manly eating. women don't stereotypically eat salads because they don't like meat. but somewhere along the line, some ad executives apparently bought into the idea that eating stereotypes are purely a matter of taste.

there are actually quite a few products explicitly "for men" out there that are just shy of baffling. like Pocky for Men.

Pocky for men?

Now that I need to see. How weird!

The pepsi ad introducing a

The pepsi ad introducing a diet soda "for men" made me laugh. My boyfriend drinks diet Coke and I drink just plain old Coke. Whenever we eat out and order beverages, the waiter almost always gives me the diet and him the regular. I think the underlying assumption is that in every given couple, the woman is more likely to be the one obsessing about her weight. This commercial is interesting in that it acknowledges that men would be willing to drink a diet soda, yet it assumes that they would want/need it packaged specifically for them. Its also funny that they think "diet" soda taste isn't strong enough for them. My boyfriend often complains that regular Coke is too strong. And I'm pretty sure he isn't embarassed when he orders "diet" Coke or walks around with one in his hand. This appears to be just another example of the media forcing a stereotype down our throats that simply isn't true. Incidentally, my father also drinks diet:)


yeah, my dad always drank diet too. and i don't, and sometimes they give me his drinks. so absurd.

I like the Betty White

I like the Betty White commercial the first time I saw, when it was called the Terry Tate Takedown. Sometimes I think Americans love seeing unlikely people getting tackled. That and tits. While the Letterman ad was a remake of the 2007 ad, it was by far the most unexpected, shocking and entertaining.

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