On the Map: Meet a Bunch of White Guys... or Oprah

You've got eight more days to bid in The 6th Annual Chevy Chase Green School Auction, a fundraiser for Jayni Chase's beloved MGR Foundation GREEN Community Schools initiative that aims to "transform school buildings into centers for green development" by "spread[ing] environmental literacy and awareness." While the proceeds from the auction definitely will support a good cause, this year's prizes fail to impress an overall valuing of social justice.

On a superficial level, seventeen of the twenty-three prizes will give one lucky bidder the opportunity to spend time with a Famous White Guy of their choosing--so long as they can outbid the competition. Want to meet Stephen Colbert? Just a little over $1K can buy a slice of his time following a taping of The Colbert Report. How about a round of golf with Bill Murray and Chevy Chase? That'll only set you back nine and a half, er, Clevelands. Only one celebrity offer is to spend time with a woman or a person of color (two for the price of one, eh Oprah?), which is ironic since the pictures on the MGR Foundation website demonstrating the impact of its work are mainly of girls and women of color. Mixed messages much?

To add insult to injury, the current top-grossing prize is A Day in the Studio with Howard Stern, which is pulling in a bid of $15,500. So what does the winner get in exchange for the cost of a brand new Honda Civic? He (because you know it'll be a he) gets to sit in on a live taping of the Howard Stern Show of his choice, tour the studio with the executive producer, and meet the entire crew. Apparently boobs, racism, and misogyny bring home the bacon for those who have money and some semblance of concern for the environment.

Is the hope of intersectionality really dead?

by Mandy Van Deven
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