MFNW: Y La Bamba, for Portland's Lonely Hearts

Did you Bounce a little too hard yesterday? Need a comedown for day two of your MFNW marathon? Look no further than Portland's own indie-folk outfit Y La Bamba. Their gorgeous, soaring harmonies and quirky, thoughtful lyrics (not to mention mega crush-worthy singer Luz Elena Mendoza) will be on display at Someday Lounge tonight at 11:15.

Ready for warm fuzzies? Check out this performance from Mississippi Studios last year.

Y La Bamba - Juniper from Smoke Signals on Vimeo.

Citing the influence of Loch Lomond, Devendra Banhardt, and "a lot of old school Mexican music from the '30's," among others, Luz and her band are just about to release Lupon, their follow-up to her 2008 collection of home recordings, "Alida St."

Citing the deepest artistic desires of Portland indie kids everywhere, Luz and her band made this music video for "My Love is a Forest Fire":

Y LA BAMBA "MY LOVE IS A FOREST FIRE" from Dugan O'Neal on Vimeo.

See you tonight!  


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