I'm coming to the Midwest in May to do some fundraising/outreach! I'm really excited (hence my use of the exclamation point); it'll be my first trip back to my roots on behalf of this organization I love so dearly. It's like chocolate and peanut butter together.

So far, I'm coming to:


I'm happy to come other places, too – I just need help from you lovely folks who live there. So, if you live in these cities or others in the Midwest and you're interested in hosting a fundraising house party, a music benefit show, a pop culture debate club, a bingo night, a zine reading, a feminist art show, a tap-dance off, whatever... let me know, ok?

Also, I promise to post a WAM! update later. Hopefully Andi, Rachel, and Lisa will, too. We all agreed to try to be better bloggers...

In the meantime, if you enjoy crass gay humor, you should watch:


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Thanks, Veronica! Update for everyone else (er, anyone who cares): Looks like I'll be in Chicago -- tentatively-speaking -- from 5/6 'til 5/8. Veronica and I are trying to plan an event for Wednesday, 5/8 and I'm also hoping to organize a music show or something else. If anyone's interested in that, let me know please! We may still need help...

visiting the Motor City

I live in the Metro Detroit area, and would be willing to host/co-host an event, most likely at my local Borders, which actually carries Bitch. LOL. Looking forward to hearing more details about your trip so that I can speak to the powers that be at Borders (or other venue).

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Thanks, Erika! I think I'll be in Detroit from May 1 'til May 5. A couple things are in the works, so when I know more, I'll get in touch with you...

tha south

<p>come to texas!  we have bbq!</p>

and atlanta/decatur ga...

we have bbq too, but a different kind. and other foods which do not require slaying.


I'd love to come to Atlanta! I'm going to be in Gainesville in early October -- I could add it on before that trip. Would that be a good time to come?


I'm totally coming to Texas! Just not sure when yet. Would it be strange to come in the summer?!


<p>not strange, just really hot.  i can provide a sprinkler to run through, however.</p>

Milwaukee and cooperative bookshops

Two of my favorite things. I'd love to come and see the bookstore I've heard so much about. I think I might go from Chicago right to Minneapolis and then back to Madison and Milwaukee. So how's it looking around 5/14 -- 5/16?

(Thanks, Brian!)

Lincoln, NE!!

Hey! I was at WAM, thinking, what would be a great way to get all of the feminists in the area together and promote what we believe in...and this would be perfect! I've already got venue, crowd, hosts, etc. rolling through my mind and think it would be a great turnout... so keep us in mind!

Lincoln, Nebraska

I'd love to come! I'm going to be in Detroit (again) at the end of June for the Allied Media Conference (which y'all should go to -- it's amazing). I'll be driving back to Portland, and I think Lincoln is on the way. As are many other lovely communities I'd be happy to make a stop in...

More soon. Thanks, Amanda!

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