New Totes & Tees at BitchMart!

Just in time for the holidays, we've added a few new totes and tees to BitchMart! Taking advantage of 20% off Bitch subscriptions today? Add a tote or tee (or both!) to your shopping cart—get a head start on shopping for your friends while supporting independent feminist media.

Two tote bags stand on a white background. Tote on the left is cream colored with a chocolate imprint that says bitch: it's a noun. it's a verb. it's a feminist media organization. Tote on the right is black with a tomato imprint that says the same thing.Totes:

Bitch Dictionary Tote: It's a's a's a feminist media organization! Wear your Bitch love on your shoulder! Our brand-new Dictionary Tote is made from 100% organic cotton and sweatshop-free. It's also really sturdy, so you can fill it up with of groceries and books. $10.95 at BitchMart. See also: Bitch Dictionary Tee.

Better Homes & Bloggers Tote: We sold out of the first run of these adorable tote bags, but several of you emailed to say you wanted them back, so we printed some more in a beautiful tomato/chocolate color combo. These totes, illustrated by Leslie A. Wood, make great gifts for craft lovers, bloggers, and Bitch readers. 100% organic cotton, sweatshop-free. $11.95 at BitchMart. (Don't forget to read the article the illustration first appeared in!)

Photo of four t-shirts folded and sitting on top of each other. Black tee shows an imprint of a chicken knitting with a computer and several balls of yarn sitting around them. Olive green tee also shows the knittin' chicken. Blue tee shows a woman with a beehive hairdo sitting on a stool knitting with a toddler next to her. They're surrounded by little teacups, candles, a typewriter, and assorted knick-knacks. A brown tee shows that same illustration.


Knittin' Chicken Tee: Everyone at the Bitch office loves the illustration that Jing Wei did for "Making Geek Chic: Can tech crafting outfit more girls for technology?", from the Make-Believe issue. Who doesn't love a chicken knitting some wearable technology? This crafty hen is now available on black and meteorite fitted and olive, black, and earth unisex tees. All of our organic, sweatshop-free tees are $24.95 at BitchMart.

Better Homes & Bloggers Tee: Leslie A. Wood's illustration is also now available on our super soft tees! The beehive lady and toddler are featured on blue sage and meteorite fitted tees, as well as cream unisex tees. $24.95 at BitchMart.

We hope you love these tees and totes as much as we do! What are you waiting for? Shop BitchMart today!

by Ashley McAllister
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