New Thao w/ the Get Down Stay Down Video

Lately we've (or at least I've) been a little Thao-crazy. I interviewed her for the Consumption Junction podcast (where she offers something special to Bitch podcast listeners, so check it out!), she was a fave on the latest episode of Bitch Popaganda, and (shhh) she just may play a role in the next issue of the magazine. What can we say? Thao rules! And so does her new video, so check it out (oh, and you eagle-eyed readers just may be able to spot a Bitch Media staff member or two in the crowd – I said we were Thao-crazy):

Fun, right? The new Thao with the Get Down Stay Down album dropped on Tuesday courtesy of the awesome Kill Rock Stars, so get your copy today! And be sure to listen to the podcast so that you can hear what Thao has in store for Bitch podcast listeners on the band's upcoming tour.

by Kelsey Wallace
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