Now at BitchMart: Tote Bag with Illustration from Leslie A. Wood!

Image shows a cream colored tote bag with a green and black illustration of a woman with a beehive hairdo knitting a scarf sitting on a stool next to a toddler who is standing on top of a cat. They are surrounded by illustrations of pie, candles, hats, flowers, a sewing machine, mittens, among other tiny images. The tote bag is lying on a wood table with several issues of Bitch magazine popping out of the top.
This bag will look so good hanging off your shoulder.

What's not to love about the newest tote bag at BitchMart? This durable, 100% organic cotton tote features an illustration by the fantastic Leslie A. Wood, from the Better Homes & Bloggers article in the Frontier Issue of Bitch. Crafty lady and toddler stand amongst little apples, mittens, and even a few homemade kombucha candles...wait, are those really a thing? Either way, this tote bag is adorable. Its wide straps and spacious interior will support your library books and grocery run, in addition to your latest knitting project. This tote also makes a great gift for the bloggers, craft lovers, and Bitch readers in your life. Get yours for just $12.95 at BitchMart!

Close-up shot of the tote bag shows text pointing to different items on the bag: the modified hipster beehive hairdo, and fresh eggs from our chickens Beatrice and Geoffrey

by Ashley McAllister
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