Now what movie did I want to tell you about?

I always feel like I'm racking my brain to remember what I've watched recently, and who I'd like to recommend it to. I found this little pocket Film Diary at Little Otsu, a favorite small press of mine based in San Francisco & Portland (full disclosure: I'm currently working on designing a planner with them).

At first I thought I'd never use it because I'm so computer-based these days, but once I started to fill in the various list like: stats on frequently visited theaters, random top favorite films, best title sequences etc., it was super fun for a movie-gal like myself. I'm also just jotting down little impressions about stuff I'm watching like The Wire and Mad Men and will be interested to flip back in a while to see my thoughts later down the line in my viewing. I'm just going to leave it on my coffee table so I fill things in regularly and so my friends can flip through and get some suggestions for things to watch.

by Briar Levit
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