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Covert missive from Bitch HQ, bringing you the best and brightest from our travels on the interwebs this week.

  •  We're all abuzz over the NYT piece published Tuesday about Afghani girls who dress (and pass) as boys until they hit puberty (and sometimes beyond). The XX Factor and Sociological Images also mentioned it.
  • From Boing Boing, this discussion of viewing video games through a critical lens. Are they art, or aren't they?
  • At Muslimah Media Watch, Arwa Aburawa analyzes the UK edition of Marie Claire in its coverage of Muslim women. Spoiler alert: the stats are less depressing than you'd think!
  • Back to gaming: The Geek Symposium highlights some lowlights in the history of women in video games. This article sparked some serious debate at the intern table over our feelings toward Princess Peach.
  • Indonesian legislator Bambang Bayu Suseno is arguing in the Jakarta Post that girls should undergo vriginity testing before they're allowed to attend public school. Courtney at Feministing has some words for him.
  • Sociological Images featured this children's t-shirt earlier this week, made by X Games Clothing, which casually mentions "drive-by egging transvestites" as "fun shit." We've got our Douchebag Decree eye on you, ESPN...
  • In more affirming news, a Florida appeals court held that the state's ban on gay adoption is unconstitutional, and Governor Charlie Crist immediately said the ban would no longer be enforced. Crist has changed his position on the ban since deciding to run for a Senate seat as an Independent (instead of Republican). The Broadsheet is stoked.
  • Akimbo, the blog for the International Women's Health Coalition, is doing a series of film reviews that relate to the Millenium Development Goals being discussed by the UN in New York this week.
  • To wrap things up (ha!!), Anna North at Jezebel reminds us that it's National Sexual Freedom Day. I think you know what to do.

What's on your radar this week? Leave us a comment!

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Happy endings and book-banning d-bags

The language of the article strikes me as uncomfortably sensationalistic, but I thought <a href="http://www.aolnews.com/weird-news/article/bearded-lady-vivian-wheeler-fi...|aim|dl1|sec1_lnk3|171517">this story</a> about the life of an intersex person was devastating and amazing.

Also, as I mentioned <a href="http://bitchmagazine.org/post/douchebag-decree-johns-hopkins-university-..., the campaign against <i>Speak</i> is very much on my radar. :(

The author of the lowlights

The author of the lowlights in video gaming piece makes some pretty disturbing and sweeping generalizations about Japanese culture. Why promote this?


I agree that this article has some issues. For example, when I saw GTA3 on the list, I thought "Oh YEAH, this is the game with the secret level you unlock to have sex with a prostitute that they had to delete later!" But then that wasn't actually mentioned; GTA is said instead to have a "rather problematic" stance on women's roles in the game in general. The article does seem to scratch the surface of a lot of issues, but then quickly moves on to sort of let the scratches fester instead of heal. Which leaves all the more room to discuss and further analyze on our end as readers!

<b>Katie Presley, New Media Intern</b>
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re: National Sexual Freedom Day

It must be certainly the least favorite of days for Christine O'Donnell.

Note: Not trying to hate on her, just disagreeing with her along with a <i>majority</i> of humans.

How True and Appropriate

Theocratic Senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell is <b>SO</b> anti-sex how could one not write something about her on National Sexual Freedom Day? I'm glad Anna North wrote something about it at Jezebel. So did i. Since i don't have a partner to celebrate with i spent the day railing against prudes and theocrats who manage to get so much censored. I couldn't believe it when the Katy Perry video with Elmo was pulled from Sesame street, but what REALLY yanked my chain was when some theocrats and prudes managed to get one of my videos pulled so that people had to log in to see it. The notice said "This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube's user community." There was nothing sexual about the video at all, but the prudes complained about it anyway. I did mention Christine O'Donnell because while she's preaching against sex she shows more cleavage than Katy Perry does and i think she's a hypocrite. AAnd it does piss me off how she and her friends try to dictate to everyone else what they can or can't do or show with their own bodies. She opposes gay marriage, not only thinks it's wrong for unmarried people to have sex (so gay people could never have sex), but thinks lust is adultery, and that masturbation requires lust. So according to her i can't even masturbate on National Sexual Freedom Day. i much more than just disagree with her. Grrrrr.

ESPN X Games Child T-Shirt

The ESPN child t-shirt is SO offensive...just another way of integrating the "gay is bad" stigma into children's heads. Not to mention dehumanizing transvestites. How awful. Douchebag Decree FOR SURE.

not just "gay is bad..."

absolutely. and not just "gay is bad," but also "gay is worthy of hate crime! and that shit is awesome!"
we're doing some more research into this T-shirt company, and how ESPN has responded to the controversy. all fuel for the douchebag fire...

<b>Katie Presley, New Media Intern</b>
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