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Bitch Media's Music Editor. As heard on BBC, CBC, and NPR's All Songs Considered and, very occasionally, Pop Culture Happy Hour. I've always wanted to be a talking head in a feminist documentary or commercial, so if someone out there can make that dream a reality, I'm here for it.

Our antennae are up, and the hive is buzzing; here's what's been On Our Radar this week!

  • ABC has cancelled its new show Huge after less than one season. Our own Michelle Dean wrote about it here. Sign a petition to keep it on the air here! Interesting how the ABC website for the show has no mention of its cancellation...
  • Muslimah Media Watch has the lastest video campaign from web activists NiqaBitch questioning the French burqa ban.
  • Google searches have banned the word "latina" from their search engine. Latino? Still entirely searchable. Latina (the website) has more.
  • Rick Sanchez (formerly at CNN) had some fightin' words for Jon Stewart and news media bias in general, which Racialicious covered extensively. Sanchez was fired from CNN for his remarks.
  • Today is the day the remake of the 1978 rape-revenge movie "I Spit on Your Grave" arrives in theaters. Find a review here. Info on the original here. Not for the faint, or sort-of-faint, or average-strength, or anything-less-than-industrial strength of heart.
  • Following up on a story from last week, a leader of one of the militant groups responsible for hundreds of rapes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo this July has been arrested as part of the UN mission to address the situation there.

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After reading the article

After reading the article claiming that Google erased the word "latina" from it's autofill, I tried it out on Google and it worked fine for me. In fact, the first result it recommends via autofill (meaning, without me ever hitting the "return" key to run a search) is Latina magazine.

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