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We've got almost as much On Our Radar this week as Britney, except with fewer eroticized polo horses.

  • Last week, after the season finale for this season of Project Runway aired, Colorlines took a look back at the show's treatment of Mondo Guerra, a contestant who revealed to the world, including his family, that he is HIV positive while on the show. 
  • Much has been said about the little boy who dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. Emily Rosenbaum, though, had some new perspective about motherhood and blogging in particular, as they relate to this story.
  • MORE had a series this week introducing the interwebs to the "New Feminists." 
  • This isn't new, but it's hilarious- Wendy Molyneux writes about NOT writing a comedy piece for women. Thanks, Feministe, for reminding us! 
  • The New York Times ran a piece this week about a rise in immolation amongst Afghan women. 
  • Salon has more on the bizarre story of Barbara Bush showing a young G.W. a miscarried fetus when he was growing up. Namely, Salon mentions the fact that Barbara Bush is actually pro-choice.
  • Ms. magazine has a new post about Tyler Perry's screen adaptation of "For Colored Girls," which includes a video blog review of the film. Check it out:
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I loved Mondo on Project

I loved Mondo on Project Runway (even though he was robbed of the win), I sincerely think that him being on the show and openly discussing this HIV-positive status was important. We've forgotten about AIDS and HIV. It's no longer a buzz word issue, it's no longer on the radar. We rarely hear of Americans affected with the disease, it's now all about awareness of HIV and AIDS in Africa. He brought it back home to the US.

That being said, i just love Mondo. He is such a mature person and designer, and was very quick to say how he misjudged Michael C and was sincere about it. Not only did he push boundaries with his designs, but he's also pushing boundaries by being open about his HIV positive status.

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