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Books and music reviewer. Bylines at NPR, Ms. magazine, and Bitch (print and online). As heard on BBC, CBC, and NPR's All Songs Considered and, very occasionally, Pop Culture Happy Hour. 

Happy first week of a new decade, y'all! Here's what we've been reading at Bitch HQ as we dive into the 20-teens.

  • Gender Focus has up a nice list of their favorite things of 2010. Like an NPR Top Ten list, but with more True Blood and trans rights!
  • Feminists With Disabilities (FWD) announced that it has ceased production, and will be maintained as an archive and blogroll site. Big love, FWD. We'll miss you!  
  • Racialicious points out some...er...problems with the new Grouplove music video. Up and coming band? Yes. Lynching, warpaint, and headdresses? Not so much. 
  • Yesterday was Nancy Pelosi's last day as Speaker of the House, and Ms. has a reminder to her replacement John Boehner that she's still on the feminist-agenda clock. 
  • Taking a page from Kelsey's book, Sociological Images has a round-up of advertising that plays directly to close-minded, normative masculinity as a marketing tool for men. 
  • Surprise! Teenagers are actually fabulous people that care about things! F Bomb wrote about "Teens and Technology," and how social media might not actually be the death of all that is good and proactive in the world.  Rock on, F Bomb!

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