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by Ann-Derrick Gaillot
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I am a freelance writer and reporter who watches a lot of TV. I tweet at @methodann.

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Thank you for the link about

Thank you for the link about inaccessibility to 3D films. I'm seeing impaired, so seeing 3D movies just doesn't work for me. I wear thick glasses and I can't wear the glasses (the only ones that slightly worked for me were the IMAX ones), and I get astounding headaches because of it. I have depth perception problems as well, which explains the excruciating headaches.

And of course, most showings are in 3D. Some movies I didn't get to see when I wanted to because a majority were in 3D, and I've often had to go to different theaters and it generally becomes a huge pain in the butt. Luckily I now live in a more urban area, but when I lived in Chico, CA (which is about 5 hours or so from Ft Bragg, where s.e. is writing from), there was one movie theater. The nearest was 40 minutes away, with the exact same offerings. There was one other theater, an arthouse, which was my lifesaver. But still, even in an urban area (Sacramento), I still have trouble finding showings that aren't mostly in 3D.

You haven't missed anything by not being able to view 3D movies, they're really not special and I've suffered through headaches and earaches and constantly adjusting my glasses to see that. And wasted money. They really aren't that amazing, it's a way for production companies to make more money by charging more for tickets.

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