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    by Ann-Derrick Gaillot
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    I am a freelance writer and reporter who watches a lot of TV. I tweet at @methodann.

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    Terrific links! I'd also like

    Terrific links! I'd also like to add that I did an interview with transmasculine author Nick Krieger about his memoir, Nina Here Nor There, over at Canonballblog.com: http://www.canonballblog.com/?p=2768

    I wrote a blog post about the

    I wrote a blog post about the conservative Iowa group the FAMiLY Leader and the anti-gay pledge they wanted candidates for the Republican 2012 presidential nomination to sign. In that blog post, I also mention the work that the pro-equality group One Iowa is doing to encourage people to speak out against the FAMiLY Leader and their founder Bob Vander Plaats, who led the campaign to oust the Iowa Supreme Court judges who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. You can find my blog post here: http://tinyurl.com/3st2cb4

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