On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the news on our radar for today!

  • Same-sex marriage is on its way to becoming legal in England and Wales! [Huffington Post]
  • McDonalds set out to provide a sample budget for its employees and ended up proving that it's basically impossible to get by on minimum wage. [Death and Taxes]
  • A Reddit user downright bragged about raping a woman to the entire Internet. Detective redditors are now on the hunt for his identity. [Feminspire]
  • Rolling Stone gives us the 10 dumbest things ever said about abortion and women's rights. [Rolling Stone]
  • Photographer Lindsay Morris documented a four-day gender noncomforming camp for boys. [Slate]

    Gender-noncomforming camper. 

What did we miss? Let us know what you're reading in the comments. 

by Marinda Valenti
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Gender noncomforming? Not quite...

The pictures of the male children at this camp appear to be acting out female gender roles. How then is it non conforming if they are clearly on one side of gender? I also did not see how this is feminist news as gender is a hierachy and social construct that oppresses females and gender being confused with biological sex is one way patriarchy seeks to erase female suffering and reproductive rights. Also would not trust the Rolling Stone Magazine to have any good articles written on womyn's rights, as this is the same magazine where Snoop Dogg admitted to being a pimp for fun and trafficking women he needs to be held accountable for his actions. More on that here: http://godlessfeminist.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/justice-denied-womens-li...

Oh my gosh...

... Take your transmisogynist ish somewhere else.

Feminism is about womyn

My feminism will be about women or it won't be feminism! Trans 'women' have grown up with male entitlement and privilge and it does not go away just because they choose to wear sterotypically feminine clothing, get cosmetic surgery of the phallus and take man made hormones. Trans women are males and women do not have penises.

You are blinded and ignorant

Your comment is ignorant and hurtful to the trans community. Are you personally trans? Have you gone through what a trans person has endured. Are you aware that 1 in 12 trans people will be killed in their lifetime?!!!
Feminism is about EQUALITY not trying to bring others down talking about privilege. To me, being born into a body you don't feel connected to is not a privilege! And don't even get me started on trans surgery as being cosmetic. It is deeply needed for many trans people to feel whole and complete. Step outside your bigoted box and speak to trans people about their complicated journey weather it be FTM or MTF. You are giving feminism a bad name. Shame on you!

Feminism is Women's Liberation

This is not true. Feminism is about women's oppression by male violence. It is about liberating women from males. Womyns liberation. Equality rhetoric is often used to harm women such as misogynists always reporting on token handmaidens of the patriarchy to take the focus off male violence. I am not ignorant about trans politics and what their goals are but I do disagree with them. My politics are not indivualism so 'you are not trans therefore you do not understand' is completely irrelevent. Because most trans 'women' are white males and white males have the highest suicide rate it is no wonder trans have a high suicide rate. Surgery and hormones are shown to have little or no effect on the suicide rates of trans people or their levels of depression and anxiety. Male privilge does not go away when you put on a dress. Females are a globally oppressed class.

Trans women have grown up

Trans women have grown up with different experiences than you have. So have I, though I am a cisgender woman. So has my mother. So has my next door neighbor. We all have different experiences though we are all women. There is so much for us to be united on. Trans women's experience are women's experiences. Trans women are women. Trans women are human. I hope that you take on, in your practice and identity as a feminist, working on yourself. We all need to recognize our particular privileges and our particular role in others' oppression. I suggest you start here, today, with recognizing your privilege of being born cisgender, and continue forward in learning how you can support trans women as your sisters whose struggle may be different from yours, but is just as much a woman's struggle. Please do not perpetuate towards trans women the misogyny you have experienced from cis men. You might start by saying to yourself like a mantra "trans women are women" over and over until you can finally understand how this is true. This is WORK. Feminism and social justice is WORK. Not just in the streets or on the internet, but within out own hearts and minds. Shifting our perspective to humanize every person on this planet, validate their identities and experiences, and lift us all up collectively out of oppression. The work starts in your own heart and mind.

I am not cis gender I am female!

Cis gender is a misogynist term and also completely untrue because gender roles are not innate and natural. At some time all females have acted in ways that are not part of their gender roles. Gender is a social construct and has nothing to do with biology. We are all gender non conforming in a way when I am strong and weak my mind I am technically acting out a male gender role in patriarchy but that does not make me any less female. http://radicalhubarchives.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/gender-identity-legis...

Well stated

Thank you, Emily S, for eloquently stating what was running through my mind so that I didn't have to angrily vomit up a rant in the comments. My phrasing probably would have been less productive.
What I would like to get across is: 1) the views expressed by the OP do not reflect my views or the views of all self-identified feminists (so please stop presuming to speak for feminism, just be a jerk in your own name and not mine please), and 2) these kinds of bigoted and divisive identity politics don't help anyone except the oppressors.

Female is not an identity

Women are oppressed due to sex based differences not just because of what clothes they wear uncomfortable and demeaning clothing are just a symtom of female hating society. Female is not an identity. Radical feminism is not an identity it is taking a truthful look at patriarchy through women's eyes. The views expressed in this magazine are male identified pornographic post modernist and liberal. It appropreates feminism for said agenda which is not feminist at all. If you feminism is supported by and includes men its probably not very effective feminism. On trans politics: http://liberationcollective.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/socialization-matte...

Yes it is

Oh yeah, because the kid in the photo (who is what, about 8 years old?) has clearly been benefitting for years from the large wage gap, increased chances of promotion, reduced household responsibilities and better opportunities for entry to the political establishment which has been granted them by their biological sex at birth. OH WAIT. THEY'RE 8 YEARS OLD.

Where is transwomen's privilege when they are being refused jobs, are invisible in the media, are being made homeless, getting assaulted and being murdered for their gender identity?

Feminism is about ALL women, and transwomen are a part of that. My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.

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I totally agree that

I totally agree that commenter is being oppressive and awful.

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Uber feminist

Because comments that are respectful but simply share a different opinion on the issue and female infantide is 'off topic' to feminism uh huh. Censorship is uber feminist guys. Appartently safe places for men in dresses are a goal but not for women. Figures.

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