On Our Radar: Feminist News Round-Up

Here's what's on our radar! 

• Didn't we just post about an Army lieutenant in charge of sexual-assault prevention found guilty of sexual assault? Well now an Army seargeant in charge of sexual-assault prevention has been charged with 21 counts of sexual misconduct and is accused of recruiting female privates for prostitution. [Austin Statesman]

• Lean In's Sheryl Sandberg has started a new campaign to "ban bossy" to help women get ahead, but I'm with Danielle Henderson—we should be encouraging women and girls to "own the living shit out of bossiness." [The Stranger]

• Dr. Jessica R. Metcalfe dissects how even when fashion isn't being completely offensive and appropriative of Native culture, the writing and PR can be. [Beyond Buckskin]

• Jamilah Lemieux details how black feminism is manifesting in pop culture, social media, and online communities. [Ebony]

• Why Lena Dunham's episode of SNL fell short when it came to race and class. [Bustle]

• Irin Carmon profiles Oklahoma anti-choice group Abolish Human Abortion and their very deliberate rhetoric. [MSNBC]

• In "A History of Women Whose Tongues Have Been Ripped Out" Johanna King-Slutzky discusses women from mythology, religion, and history who have been silenced quite forcibly. [The Hairpin]

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Women's Hockey

Two female goalies have signed with professional men's hockey teams. I think this is a big deal since there are very few professional women's hockey leagues and often these leagues are not taken seriously. There is also a big pay differential between women and men's hockey as well.

The first is Noora Raty (Finnish) who will play next season in the Mestis League. YLE writes:

She has been an outspoken critic of the way Finland’s ice hockey association treats women players, demanding improved facilities and training conditions. She says that she will not be a big star for Kiekko Vantaa, but is likely to play a few minutes here and there to allow the number one goalie to take a breather.

”Even though the contract has been signed, that doesn’t guarantee anything,” said Räty. “The challenge will be big. Now I need to work hard and change words into deeds.”

The second is Shannon Szabados (Canadian) signed a contract for the rest of the season with the SPHL's Columbus Cottonmouths.

About Bossy

The first thing I thought when I read the news about Ban Bossy in my elevator at work today was "some girls are bossy." It's unforunate that we cast all attempts girls make to lead as bossy and its unfortunate that we talk about tone all too frequently when we talk about what's not great about certain women's leadership. I'm not for that, certainly.

But it strikes me that there is this negative thing called "bossy" in the world of children. Maybe it's a child who needs to learn empathy, become less single-minded and selfish, and learn to negiotiate a common goal with others. Maybe it's a child who, given an opportunity to lead, is a bit abusive to other children. A world where women are "bossy" in those ways is a crappy world in my opinion; and the fact that men might be rewarded for those deficiencies is cold comfort. It's not a parity I would fight for.

I'd like to know

Where Tina Fey fits into the conversation about banning the word "bossy." Her "required feminist reading" book is titled "Bossypants," after all ...

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