On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the feminist news on our radar today: 

• Congress passed the Farm Bill yesterday, including measures that cut the food stamp budget by $8 billion. [The Hill] 

• The U.N. sharply criticized the Vatican for not acknowledging the extent of rampant sexual abuse in the church and not working hard enough to prevent abuse in the future. [New York Times] 

In a recent interview, comedian Jerry Seinfeld sounded off about the push to diversify comedy shows. “It really pisses me off,” he said. “People think [comedy] is the census or something, it’s gotta represent the actual pie chart of America. Who cares?” We care! [Colorlines] 

• Victims of revenge porn have a surprising legal weapon: copyright law. [The Atlantic] 

• A musical-comedy duo spoofs Victoria Secret's recent move to ban a woman from breastfeeding in the store. [Feministing] 

• Alyssa Rosenberg weighs in on what media figures' obliviousness about transgender issues and sexual assault tells us about our changing culture. [ThinkProgress] 

• Transgender writer Janet Mock (who we interview in the upcoming current print issue about her book Redefining Realness) was on Piers Morgan's show last night and was surprised to see that the broadcast referred to her as a woman who "used to be a man." An all-out Twitter war resulted when Mock called out the show and Morgan responded in a huff. [Buzzfeed] 

a tweet from Janet Mock shows her angrily staring down the camera in response to Piers Morgan's show

What did I miss? Add what you're reading to the comments. 

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