On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the feminist news on my radar today: 

• In November 2012, Florida resident Michael Dunn fatally shot 10 rounds into the car of 17-year-old Jordan Davis and his friends after the teens refused to turn their music down in a parking lot. Dunn's murder trial resulted in a partial verdict over the weekend: the jury deadlocked on whether his killing of Davis was in self-defense, but Dunn was found guilty of attempted murder. [Al Jazeera] 

Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams spoke out about the Michael Dunn verdict, saying that the death of Jordan Davis "is not a black problem. It is a white problem. This is an American problem. It is a societal problem.” [Colorlines] 

• New Amazon series Transparent stars Jeffrey Tambor as a parent who's dealing with coming out as transgender. Jennifer Finney Boylan writes about the ethics of casting a cisgender person playing a transgender character. [New York Times] 

• Women and people of color are underrepresented in media, but social media is changing that. Mary Elizabeth Williams writes the newest piece about using Twitter for social justice. [Salon] 

• February is national eating disorder awareness month—writer Janani Balasubramanian wrote a personal essay about the narrow representations of eating disorders in media. [Black Girl Dangerous]  

• It looks like routine mammograms may be making healthy people sick. [Slate]  

• Ellen Page came out as gay on Friday, giving a moving speech about how she was tired of "lying by omission" and feels a responsibility to push back against movie industry standards about how we should act. [Autostraddle] 

What did I miss? Add what you're reading to the comments. 


by Sarah Mirk
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