On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s all the news on our radar today:

• The Chicago city council unanimously passed an ordinance strengthening the Illinois law that bans videotaping in public to target “upskirting” women. Creeps can look forward to a $500 dollar fine in addition to state-mandated jail time. [Chicago Tribune]

• Not surprisingly, “Google is Overwhelmingly White and Male,” says a report released by TIME based on the tech-giant’s own statistics. [TIME]

• Foster Farms refuses to recall chicken despite a more than year-long salmonella outbreak tied to the poultry giant. The culprit is a particularly nasty strain of bacteria that has hospitalized triple the proportion of those infected in other, similar outbreaks. [NBC News]

• A pregnant Pakistani woman was stoned to death in broad daylight as police stood idly by. Her crime? Marrying the man she loved. [BBC]

• Alison Crutchfield gathers together a bunch of badass female musicians to open a dialogue in respose to Mariel Loveland's "How the Survive Being the Only Girl in a Band." These women have advice that goes beyond "just hang." Meredith Graves of Perfect Pussy writes, "We have a responsibility to support and empower each other in our fight against these damaging systems, not teach each other how to avoid punishment by mimicking the behavior of our oppressors, or staying small and quiet." [Impose Magazine, Noisey]

Here's Alison performing "Stand Next to Me": 

Did I miss something? Add what you're reading to the comments.

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