On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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Here's all the news on our radar today:

• Misogyny kills: I'm sure we are all shaken by the death of six people in Santa Barbara, California, on Friday after a 22-year-old named Elliot Rodger went on a shooting spree. He spent time on men's rights activist websites and posted a YouTube video the day before the shooting saying that he would "slaughter every single spoiled, stuck-up, blond slut I see." As Jessica Valenti writes in the Guardian: "The truth is that there is no such thing as a lone misogynist—they are created by our culture, and by communities that tells them that their hatred is both commonplace and justified." [Belle Jar, Guardian] 

• Today is Memorial Day and I was moved by these photos of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans—it's also a good time to reflect on how many veterans spend far too long waiting for healthcare at VA hospitals. [Mother Jones, The Takeaway] 

• As we recognize Memorial Day, Indian Country Today reminds us about this day in Native history: it's the anniversary of the Pequot Massacre. [Indian Country Today] 

• The New York Times had a front-page, above-the-fold article in Sunday's edition that highlights a terrible reality the country often ignores: immigration detention centers have thousands of people perform jobs for $1 a day or pay them just in commissary credit.  [New York Times] 

• Comics writer Gail Simone had some smart things to say about women in the comics industry and the perception of female comic book characters as being just "window dressing" for a boy's club. [Shakesville] 

• One of the writers for Orange is the New Black penned an essay about how working on the show helped her realize she's gay. [PolicyMic] 

• There's a cool new line of swimwear specifically for breast cancer survivors: the Monokini. [Photo by Monokini, via The Gloss

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What did I miss? Add what you're reading to the comments. 

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