On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s the news on our radar today:

• Is the media’s treatment of Fault in Our Stars Author, John Green as the “crown prince” Young Adult Novels and savior of the genre sexist? [The Atlantic] 

• A Washington Post editorial this week argued that the best way to end domestic violence was through promoting marriage. Yikes. Writer Mona Chalabi digs into how the editorial misconstrued data on domestic violence. [FiveThirtyEight] 

• Tuesday morning's school shooting near Portland, Oregon is the 74th school shooting since Newtown and the fourth multiple shooting in only six days. [Slate]

• A new national report shines a light on the lives of female construction workers—only three percent of construction workers in the US are women, due in a large part to discrimination that blocks women from entering the high-paying field. [ThinkProgress] 

• Compared to NBA players earning millions, female basketball players have capped salaries and find much higher earnings abroad than in the United States. [PolicyMic]

• Everyday Feminism discusses dating while asexual. [Everyday Feminism]

• These two photos taken by Dan Ackerman perfectly capture Silicon Valley’s gender imbalance.  [Mother Jones]

• An artist gave disposable cameras to women crossing the US-Mexico border, creating a photo essay of their experiences. [Feministing] 

More news to add? Include links in comments below.

by Lucy Vernasco
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