On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

on our radar

Here's all the feminist news on our radar today:

• Janet Mock is joining the staff of Marie Clare as a contributing editor—she says she will not "just be thrown into a corner as the trans correspondent." [Poynter] 

• PBS is hosting an interesting short film (just seven minutes!) about an Indian-American couple adjusting to life in the suburbs. [PBS] 

• New studies show that a certain type of hysterectomy procedure increases the risk of cancer, as the surgery can slice open uterine tumors that women didn't know they had. [New York Times] 

• Rick Perry wants to send in the National Guard to stop child migrants at the Mexican-American border. Ugh. [Colorlines] 

• Having even one woman on a company's board helps improve corporate management. [NBC] 

• Hello Netflix queue: This list of 50 great American films with female directors includes some winners. [The Mary Sue] 

• And finally, a little video from a definitely not fake Hobby Lobby regional manager about how to knit your own birth control: 

DIY-birth-control from Vincent Comparetto on Vimeo.

What did I miss? Add what you're reading to the comments. 

by Sarah Mirk
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So, the IDF is killing a whole mess of civilians in Gaza and a lot of media outlets are referring to it as "fighting." A fight implies some level of equality, some sense that tactics are proportional and fair. A >600 to 30, Palestinian to Israeli death rate (as reported by the BBC) is a slaughter. Also a significant number of news outlets are quoting the death rates, but telling the human story only of the Israelis. We do not get to know the faceless dead Palestinians, while much has been said about the two Americans in the IDF who were killed.

The US gave 3 billion dollars to Israel in direct aid in 2012. Money that could have been used here for education and other social services.

What is happening in Gaza is a feminist issue, and one that should be taken seriously, and discussed critically by feminists.

Gaza Feminism? Seriously?

Ms. Anonymous,

How in the Hell is Israel fighting Hamas in Gaza a feminist issue?

Do you know what Hamas does to feminists in Gaza? You bet your burka they are not your friends.

I invite you to come to Israel and see what feminism is all about. Women have a high level of pay equality (not perfect yet but moving up), executive positions, 28 of 120 women members of parliament (that's a higher percentage than in both houses of the US Congress), and the list goes on and on.

In Gaza, women are encouraged to stay home and teach their sons to be Jihadis and their daughters to be the dilligent wives of Jihadis (according to the Hamas charter and facts on the ground).

So, you might want to talk about Gaza on humanitarian terms. That is a valid conversation. But Feminism is absolutely not a part of the equation in Gaza.

If you don't know how Gaza is

If you don't know how Gaza is a feminist issue then you don't even know what feminism is. Israel is an apartheid state, an occupation, and a violent oppression. Feminism is about social justice and an end of oppression. It's pretty clear how genocide is a feminist issue.

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