On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what's on our radar today!

• The Canadian iPhone app store is no longer using the word "redskin." As Native Appropriations reports, search results for a "Washington Redskins" app returns "Washington R*****ns." [Native Appropriations]

An iphone screen that turns "redskins" into asteriks

• ABC Family is developing a new horror series with genre veteran Jamie Lee Curtis. "Titled The Final Girls, the drama revolves around a group of girls who have, in essence, survived their own personal horror stories and are brought together by a mysterious older woman (Curtis) to channel the stress and scars of their experience for some greater good." [Deadline]

• Despite the cultural shifts in women's lives, daughters are still the primary caretakers of their elderly mothers - twice as likely to be their caretakers as sons, in fact. [NY Times]

• According to the new Census data, women with full-time, year-round jobs are paid an average 77 cents for every dollar paid to men with full-time, year-round jobs – a gap that hasn't gotten any smaller in the last 11 years. The racial disparities of the wage gap persist unchanged, too: African American women are paid an average 69 cents for every dollar paid to all men, and 64 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. Latinas are paid just 58 cents for every dollar paid to all men, and a mere 54 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. [HuffPost]

• The winner and runner-up of this year's Miss America pagaent were both women of color who work in STEM fields. So why aren't we talking about it? [Racalicious]

• Elderly LGBT folks still don't have access to proper care. [The Guardian]

• The University of Alabama is taking steps to try to tackle the racism in its Greek system. [CodeSwitch]

• The National Women's Law Center crunched the numbers on the 2012 Census poverty data, and came up with some disturbing results: 1 in 7 (14.5%) women lived in poverty last year, the highest rate in two decades. [NWLC via Feministing]

What did we miss? Add what's on your own radar in the comments.

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