On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what's on our radar today!

• Here come by the body police: Internet commenters shame pregnant woman about weight lifting. [NYT]

• Women make up only 20% of conductors in US orchestras, making conducting one of "the last glass ceilings in the music industry." [Mother Jones]

• Trans*H4ck, the first hackathon dedicated to helping the trans community, showcased great new projects like a user-editable trans resource database and a trans health wiki. [Geek Feminism]

• It's Banned Books Week! Ever noticed that lot of the most frequently banned books in the US are by women and people of color?  [BlogHer] 

• Izzy Chan discusses her new documentary, "The Big Flip," about the complications in social expectations that come up when the wife is the breadwinner of the household. [The Hairpin]

• PBS Game/Show asks the question, "Do Gamers Need Anita Sarkeesian's Feminism?" Answer: Unsurprisingly, yes. [PBS]

• Claudia over at Autostraddle explains why intersex issues matter to LGBT activism. [Autostraddle]

• Of eighteen speakers, only one woman will be included in the New York Times Dealbook roster this year. [Jezebel]

• Check out some independent queer TV and watch the first episode of Dyke Central. [Dyke Central]

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by Arielle Yarwood
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