On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what's on our radar today!

• Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a hackathon with young DREAMers to develop coding solutions to US immigration problems. [HuffPost]

• The Texas voter ID law that just went into effect requires voters to provide an official ID that matches their most up-to-date name in order to cast a ballot. Many news outlets have been focusing on the effect it will have on married women who haven’t changed the last name on their ID. Feministing points out what’s missing from that analysis: this name-specific targeting also disenfranchises trans voters. [Feministing]

• Openly queer rapper Angel Haze put out a moving remix of Macklemore’s hit “Same Love.” [ColorLines]

• Why one woman won’t be reclaiming the word “slut.” [Salon]

• The documentary A Beautiful Game is raising funds to tell the story of female soccer players in South Africa, and the power that the game can have to create social change. [Kickstarter]

• Today in “no, really?” news: Better, more accessible birth control could save taxpayers a whole truckload of money. [Jezebel]

A map showing the cost of unintended pregnancies in the US

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by Arielle Yarwood
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Thank you so much for not

Thank you so much for not saying abortion. I know I am a man and will never understand the hardships and responsibilities of growing another human inside of you and giving birth to the same, but a mans commitment is no different than a woman's to the kid. I know there are some exceptions to that but please always know there are men waiting to become good husbands and each will wait their turn a I am waiting mine. I am only 17, but I pray for my future wife every day that she makes the right choices, and if not, that I will be able to forgive her. Thanks.

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