On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the news on our radar this Wednesday. 

• A new study finds that the two HPV vaccines currently available don't cover the strains of HPV most prevalent among black women. Merck, the creators of Gardasil, are in the final stages of developing a new vaccine that will cover those additional strains. [NBC]

• The Nevada lawmaker Jim Wheeler says he would vote for slavery if constituents asked him to. [Salon] 

• This is the first year that the LGBT film festival in China was not disrupted by the police. The Advocate asks if this symbolizes progress for China, where TV shows and movies with LGBT themes are censored.  [The Advocate] 

• Philadelphia just enacted a law that will put gender neutral restrooms in every new government building. [NBC Philadelphia] 

• Monica Nickelsburg looks at the new show Reign and asks why female masturbation is more controversial than heterosexual sex or violence on TV. [The Week] 

• Sociological Images searches for sexy Halloween costumes for men, and the results are unsurprisingly much different than they are for women.  [Sociological Images] 

A male Halloween costume for "ring toss" with a phallic pole people can toss rings on.

Post anything we missed in the comments! 

by Hannah Strom
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Hisham Fageeh anyone?

Hisham Fageeh anyone? Continuing on last weeks mention of Saudi Arabia's ban on women drivers.
This is his satirical take, seems pretty legit.

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