On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the feminist news on our radar today. 

• The American Academy of Pediatrics announced last week that they believe free condoms should be available in high schools. Condoms are particularly important because while rates of teen pregnancy have gone down, rates of STIs among teens have gone up. [RH Reality Check] 

• Our culture's view of domestic violence does not include violence in same-sex relationships, which impacts issues like who is allowed into shelters. [The Atlantic] 

• Kelly Marcías at Racialicious explains the racial and sexual politics of who wins the Nobel Peace Prize. [Racialicious] 

• This is absolutely horrible. A group of young men in Auckland, NZ that call themselves "Roast Busters" have been gang raping young women and putting footage of it up on social media to slut shame them for years. Because none of the women have come forward, the police have not started an investigation. [Jezebel] 

• After an incredibly restrictive abortion bill took effect last Thursday, activists have taken the law up with the supreme court.  [The Guardian] 

• In response to the negative press they recieved last month for saying they would not advertise with images of gay couples, Barilla pasta company has announced a leadership initiative in diversity and inclusion. [Buzzfeed, Barilla] 

Post anything we missed in the comments. 

by Hannah Strom
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