On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the feminist news on our radar this morning.

• Actress Maria Bello wrote a beautiful and moving Modern Love column about coming out to her 12-year-old son as queer. "Mom," he told her, "love is love, whatever you are." [New York Times] 

• How about we stop calling Michelle Obama a "bad feminist"? [Salon] 

• The Motion Picture Association of America wants to slap Evan Rachel Wood's new film, Charlie Countryman, with an NC-17 rating for a scene in which a woman gets oral sex from a man. The actress called out the MPAA's biased rating system via Twitter. [Autostraddle] 

• In disturbing news, a woman is trying to get her child back from British social services after the baby was removed from her womb via C-Section without her consent while she was in a psychiatric facility. [The Frisky] 

• Check out Egyptian rapper Mayam Mahmoud, whose songs tackle issues like street harassment and victim-blaming. [Guardian]  

• Britney Spears is coming out with a personal, intimate album—which might make it really boring. [The Atlantic] 

• The award for the worst sex writing of the year comes out this week. Amanda Hess runs through some horrible nominees, including this line from Woody Guthrie's long-lost novel, "Inside the door of her womb she felt her inner organs and tissues, all her muscles and glands, felt them roll, squeeze, squeeze, and roll." [Slate] 

• The Advocate put together a list of stores to avoid for holiday shopping that have a history of treating their LGBT employees badly or have executives who donate substantially to anti-gay causes. [The Advocate] 

Image says to shop at Starbucks, not Chick FIlet

What did I miss? Add what you're reading to the comments. 

by Sarah Mirk
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stores to avoid for holiday shopping

I hope I am reading the list of stores to avoid incorrectly because it seems to reccomend Abercrobie & Fitch as a great place to shop. Really?!?! They've been sued for discrimination several times by employees and their CEO openly makes hostile statements about people who are "overweight". I can't pay attention to anything on this list now. They have lost my trust.

Agreed!!!! I was very turned

Agreed!!!! I was very turned off by that one!! And it WAS a pretty big deal, in my opinion.

Pretty disappointed about that pink-washing list

That list is so one dimensional and lacking of intersectionality. For example, they recommend Amazon. How nice that they don't treat their LGBT-employees worse than the rest of the staff who are strongly discouraged from forming trade unions. At least that's what happens in Germany but I guess it won't be much better in the US. Not to speak of most of the other companies (including oil companies!) who profit from sweat shops or wrecking the environment.

Where Not To Shop

My brother-in-law and my sister-in-law both own chains mentioned in the not to shop category. I don't know about my brother-in-law who lives far away and isn't someone I know well, but I know my sister-in-law couldn't be a more liberal, loving, less judgmental, more pro-LGBT person. It's hard on the people lower down on the chain-in-command when their boss is an asshole. Our corporate structure makes everything so convoluted and confusing; I don't know if penalizing the little guys is the answer. Is there some other way to get at the CEOs?

However, that said, Abercrombie and Fitch does suck. I agree with the other commenter, too. In addition to my other worries, I think this list is a bit skewed.

Marissa Alexander released from prison (on bail)


Unfortunately, the State of Florida is continuing to press charges against her. (Obviously, the state of their economy is such that they don't need that million dollars that a new prosecution would cost for any other needs like, say, jobs or social services.)

Her trial is set for March 2014.

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