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Emilly Prado is a writer, photographer, library assistant, and button maker. When not crafting sassy critiques for various publications, she juggles several jobs, daydreams about her next trip, and uses the internet far too much. You can see her work at www.emillyprado.com.

We hope you're enjoying this Halloween with lots of candy, costumes, and fun! Here's a special On Our Radar round-up of links we love around the web, including zombie history, horror-film heroiens, and a reminder to not be a total racist!

So what are you costumed in for the holiday? Read anyting good? Share in the comments section below!

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About AHS: Asylum

I think the blogger missed the point with AHS's second season. Here's the thing about AHS: Asylum: It's a criticism on mental institutions in the 1960s and the tremendous abuse that patients suffered there and the absolute horrors that went on behind closed doors. One example is in Sarah Paulson's character, who is a lesbian, is forcibly committed against her will by Sister Jude, who blackmails Paulson's girlfriend, played by Cleo duVall, threatening to out her if she does not consent. What happens to Paulson's character is truly horrifying: she receives electro-shock therapy so she will forget how she can escape, and also because she is gay.

With Chloe Sevigny's character, she is committed because she's a "nymphomaniac", aka, she likes sex. They justify diagnosing her that to lock her up because they're misogynists. The show isn't making the argument that Sevigny's character is actually a "nymphomaniac" but rather a sexual woman who is being locked up against her will for being a sexual person, which is a horrendous crime to commit against someone.

Viewers are supposed to be shocked by how the patients are treated in the Asylum, not by the patients themselves. And as a viewer, that's how I see the show: As a viewer, it horrifies me to see how people with mental illness were treated and how and why people were committed in the first place. And what is also horrifying is that the people running the asylum don't even believe in mental illness in the first place!

Another point is that we're supposed to also see how progressive we've become in treating mental illness: Homosexuality is no longer seen as such and people are no longer issued shock therapy because of it, living conditions are not deporable, people are not secretly experimented on, etc.

The quote from Cait also misses the point: she calls it "an ignorant and unnecessary bastardization of mental health practices".... Well, yes. It is supposed to represent that *in the 1960s*. I wonder if she took that detail into consideration.

That’s Racist! (but not how you might think)

I'm a POC that personally thinks the focus on halloween 'racism' is a bit much...

Below is an excerpt from my latest blog post: http://wp.me/pcxL6-fe

"The analysis about the costume racism is the easy part. The hard part comes in the question of why we focus on the symbolized over the symbol?

I’m sad to say, I think it’s because we middle-class Western people of colour more or less like it this way.

Fighting the big fight against the status quo, against the socio-political-economic system we live in, against imperialism, threatens our own way of life....

But to do anything about it means risking a loss of our own cherished position in the middle. We are second class citizens, but we aren’t at the bottom and we hold out hope that we can be one of the few allowed to rise up and join the elites up top."


thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!


Thanks for reading! I'd love to know your thoughts. I've got lots of readers... but not many seem to be open to sharing their opinions. So I don't know if I'm too far off the public mood on this one.

(if you do comment pls comment on the blog! thanks again!)

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