On Our Radar: The Olympics, the Olympics, and... Did I Say the Olympics?

A photo of Devyn Manibo in front of a brick wall. She  has her hair in a bun, neon yellow eyeliner, grey lipstick, and large round eyeglasses. She is making a serious face and had her hair slightly cocked to the side.
Devyn Manibo
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Devyn Manibo is a Jersey City raised (and based) award-winning interdisciplinary/multigalactic artist. She can usually be found race raging, shade bending, and averting your settler colonialist gaze with a resting glare of displeasure.

This has been a week, and now it's Friday, so turn on your television and let's get these Summer Games crackin'!

What have you been reading, musing, raging, or raving about this week? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Jimmy Kimmel defends Adam Corolla (a Douchebag Decree Alum!)

At times, in casual conversations I have with my friends and workmates about entertainers, I have had the uneasy need for myself to explain my disdain for Kimmel, Corolla, and certain other comedic misogynists. <a href="http://www.blackbookmag.com/jimmy-kimmel-excuses-adam-carolla-s-sexist-c... piece</a>, written by the ever-awesome Jessica Wakeman, should encourage myself and others to have more meaningful, easier conversations about them.

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