On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Hopefully you're recovering from spending four long hours watching the Oscars last night. Gah! Here's your list of feminist news for today. 

• The White Male Vote: The NYTimes put together this composite picture of the 117 men who will vote for the next pope. Not surprising! [NYTimes]

• Most mass shootings don't get national headlines—they're domestic violence situations where the victims are women and family members. [AlterNet]

• Women's groups in Britain are petitioning to change sexist coverage in the nation's infamous tabloids. [Change.org]

• The Oscars were pretty "bro-tastic." [Feministing] 

• Satricial newspaper The Onion has finally discovered a line not to cross: their tweet joking that beloved actress Quvenzhane Wallis is a "cunt" quickly got deleted. This is the only time I can remember The Onion issuing an apology. [Daily Beast + Slate]

• Actually, it seems like a lot of people have beef with the nine-year-old for some reason. [Racialicious] 

• Over on Jezebel, one feminist porn star tells her story about how she got into the business. [Jezebel] 

• The show Scandal seems to actually have a good female, African-American lead character. [Bitch Flicks]

• An interesting forum over on Colorlines: Does Beyonce need to talk about her blackness? [Colorlines] 

• Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg wants to be the "pom pom girl for feminism," but columnist Maureen Dowd notes that critics say her vision is a bit elitist. [NYTimes]

Mad about sexism at the OscarsSign our letter telling the Academy five things they need to change right now

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