On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup


Good morning! Here's all the feminist news on our radar today!

• The Supreme Court could soon declare that America is no longer racist: They're considering whether to uphold or overturn the Voting Rights Act. [NY Times] 

• Annnd a reminder from North Carolina of why the Voting Rights Act is so important. [Colorlines] 

• Also important to note: Public money is spent maintaining a statue of a white supremacist in the Capitol. [Mother Jones] 

• Los Angeles police will start randomly confiscating and destroying personal property left on sidewalks, aiming to specifically target homeless people. [LA Times] 

• The release of 300 people from an immigrant detention center in Arizona led to protests and anti-immigrant rallies by people who apparently want the immigrants detained forever. 

• A year ago, the unarmed Trayvon Martin was shot dead, sparking a reexamination of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law allowing people to use deadly force to protect themselves. On the anniversary of his death, Florida declares that the law is sound. [Colorlines] 

• Tina Fey says she's too busy to host the Oscars. :( [Guardian]

• When can nudity actually be a useful political tool? [Alternet]  

• But what does Kim Kardashian mean? Feministing digs into the image of the celebrity everyone loves to hate. [Feministing]

• The "Everyday Abolition" project is looking for stories about your role in eroding the prison-industrial complex. [Everyday Abolition]

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don't forget protection against shackling pregnant women!

Wanted to add two news items that might also be of interest in the feminist news round-up:

On Tuesday, Maryland held its first judicial hearing on a bill that would prohibit the shackling of pregnant women and girls who are in jails, prisons and juvenile detention. Currently, there is no restriction on chaining girls and women while they are in labor, delivery, or postpartum recovery. A staff member from the Dept of Juvenile Justice actually attempted to DEFEND handcuffing and restraining girls who have just given birth by saying that they fear that postpartum depression might make them try to escape! News coverage <a href="http://somd.com/news/headlines/2013/16535.shtml">here</a>.
More about the issue of shackling pregnant women & girls both in Maryland and nationwide <a href="http://nationinside.org/campaign/birthing-behind-bars/posts/statement-of....

In Iowa, lawmakers set aside a bill that would prohibit shackling pregnant women who are in labor, delivery or postpartum recovery. The Iowa Department of Corrections released a new policy around how they restrain women during that time (coincidentally shortly after the DesMoines Register was investigating these practices). Lawmakers said that the policy was good enough for them and so no actual legislative protection was necessary: http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20130221/NEWS10/302210082/-1/SP...

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