On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Here's the feminist news on our radar.

  • We all know Rosa Parks, but she wasn't the first to refuse to give up her seat on the bus. Democracy Now interviews Claudette Colvin, who was just 15 when she was arrested for doing the same. [Democracy Now, NewBlackMan (in Exile)]
  • Speaking of Mad Men, John Hamm is getting really tired of people talking about his penis, and he's not the only one. [Tiger Beatdown]

Is there anything I missed? Share what you're reading in the comments!

by Megan Cox
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Seriously, there are typos in

Seriously, there are typos in these "On Our Radar" posts every week. It's a darn shame, since these links are all so great.

I don't think there are

I don't think there are typos, and I don't think typos are preventing anyone from clicking on a link.

Also if you spot a typo, why not identify it so that it can be fixed, instead of playing some kind of mean online Where's Waldo?

Good One

So what if there is a typo or two? I love the radar column! And that Yeah Yeah Yeahs vid... WOW. Just... I'm a bit speechless.

military rape

Everyone should be talking about and aware of military rape. For some reason the government will not step in and investigate or hold accountable commands and rapist. There is no statute of limitations in the armed forces and too many victims are coming forward. Two great sites dedicated to specific branches

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