On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Oh, hi, Monday. Here's all the feminist news I'm reading today: 

• A string of new movies write a greedy new American Dream: AO Scott writes a great piece on The Great Gatsby, The Bling Ring, Spring Breakers, and Pain and Gain as "fables of acquisition." [New York Times]

A Greenwich Village hate crime: A man in New York gunned down a stranger this week, apparently because the victim was gay. [The Advocate] 

• Female artists took home a pile of prizes at the Billboard Music Awards, including big wins for Taylor Swift and Rihanna. [Guardian] 

• Spelling out the specific stigmas against women in power saying they have mental illness. [The Frisky]  

• How do you challenge censorship in prison? [The American Reader] 

• A Yale scholar offers a new, in-depth look at rape during the Civil War. [Women Under Siege] 

• Is tree-sitting terrorism? Proposed laws in Oregon would make certain non-violent environmental protests a felony. [Vice] 

• Feministing has a rundown of ways anyone can support domestic workers who are organizing themselves for rights. [Feministing]

• Sailor Moon turned femininity into a literal weapon: In praise of "magical girl" TV shows. [Autostraddle]  

• Boobs on Facebook: They're only banned if they're real, says Facebook. [Daily Beast] 

What's on your radar? Post other good reads to the comments. 

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is Bitch Media's online editor. She's interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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