On Our Radar: Today's Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Here's all the feminist news on my radar this Monday morning.

• OMG A DUCHESS IS IN LABOR!! Brace yourself for wall-to-wall baby news, as every major news outlet in the world liveblogs Kate Middleton's labor. [Racked]

• A Norwegian citizen visiting Dubai reported to police that she had been raped. The police responded by charging her with the crime of having sex outside of marriage. Thanks to international attention, she's now free—but what would have happened if she wasn't a foreigner? [Slate]

• Obama's speech on Trayvon Martin last Friday was powerful because it discussed a rare topic: white Americans' responsibility for racism. [Colorlines]

• Crunk Feminist Collective on "processing our anger for Trayvon the Black feminist way." [Crunk Feminist Collective]

• Last week, people in 36 cities across the world protested violence against sex workers. [Tits and Sass]

• Britain's Prime Minister is trying to crack down on porn with a law that would require internet customers to tell their provider whether or not they want access to porn. [Jezebel]

• Female characters on Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom are just... awful. [Salon]

• Seven things we need to talk about in Netflix's new show Orange is the New Black. [Autostraddle]

• While sales of Barbies decline, American Girl dolls are now making tons of money for Mattel. [Guardian]

• Doing a tiny happy dance for Plan B being available over the counter in drug stores! [Feministing]

Plan B

What did I miss? Add what you're reading to the comments.

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