On the Map: Prague Anarcho-Feminists Tell Gender to Go F*ck Itself

Prague feminists want you to know there's more to the Czech Republic than beautiful Gothic architecture and its consonant-heavy Slavic language. Perhaps influenced by the latter's trio of genders, the recent three-day Gender Fuck Fest celebrated feminism with the expressed purpose to "dissolve genders, undo borders, experiment with identities" and "bring more questions than answers." Well go 'head, Prague! Do your thing!

Inspired by Ladyfest, GFF wasn't interested in creating a single-sex environment to undo the evils of "gender-based, patriarchal and heterosexist systems." Instead, they want to promote a woman- and queer-friendly space that is focused on diversity of thought and action. GFF does this by offering a broad-based, non-commercial event featuring standard radical feminist fare: a zine exhibition, workshops, film screenings, and theatre performances followed by a relaxing day of food and music. The topics covered include transgender bodies in visual culture, black feminism, subverting and reinforcing gender in bedtime stories, women in Islam, queer traveling, genderfuck fashion, sexual violence in radical communities, and creatively reusing rubbish. The Prague Daily Monitor reported that the first day of the fest drew a crowd of one hundred people, which is a pretty decent turnout for an anarchist-led event.

As someone who loves to travel, the Gender Fuck Fest gives me one more reason to bump Prague up a few notches on my list.

by Mandy Van Deven
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i'm so bummed i'm not in

i'm so bummed i'm not in prague... and can't speak czech.

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