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If you've noticed that our website looks a little snappier these days, it's not just your eyes playing tricks on you. We've added some new features that make it easier for you to interact with us, and vice versa! Let us direct your attention to the sidebar on the right side of the screen (---->) where you'll find our new Twitter feed, and an easy way to contact us with your blog tips!

Welcome to the 21st Century, Bitch!

But what's the deal with the new technology?

We're trying to communicate with our readers (that's YOU!) in every way possible. If you've got a Twitter account, we'd love for you to follow us! Now you can do so by simply clicking on the feed (and you can read our tweets without having to click through to the Twitter website). If you have an idea for something you'd like us to cover on the blog, email us and let us know! This website is for all of us to discuss feminism and popular culture, so we want you to get involved!

What other tech-savvy things can I do to spread the word?

Thanks for asking! There is a link at the bottom of every blog post that says "share." If you read something interesting on the Bitch website, share it! By clicking the link, you can post articles from this site to your facebook, Digg, Delicious, and StumbleUpon accounts. The more people we can get visiting the site, the more fun things we can do, so help a Bitch out and tell your friends!

This is already the feminist response to pop culture website of my dreams, but I have some ideas to make it even BETTER. What should I do?

Tell us, of course! Leave your ideas in the comments section of this post, or contact us through the blog tips link. Let's work together to take Bitch into the future!

by Kelsey Wallace
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flickr feed

And we paid for our Flickr account so our photo feed isn't just kareoke and Saucetin Texas!

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