R.I.P. Punk Queen Poly Styrene

Poly Styrene, the lead singer of the pioneering punk band X-Ray Spex, died on Monday after a battle with cancer. She was 53.

Poly Styrene on stage

Styrene's glass-shattering vocals made the band's 1978 album Germ Free Adolescents a punk masterpiece, and the song "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" in particular stands out as one of punk feminism's original eff yous to the sexism and prejudice that existed not only in mainstream society, but in the burgeoning punk community as well.

Her influence on the future of female-created punk music is undeniable. "Her lyrics influenced EVERYONE I KNOW WHO MAKES MUSIC," Kathleen Hanna wrote today on her website. Her death preceded today's release of her new album, Generation Indigo. She will be missed.

by Danny Hayes
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People I didn't even realise

People I didn't even realise had been influenced by Poly Styrene have been telling stories today of how they discovered her, it's been wonderful to read so many people's good memories in the wake of such a sad event.

Am glad we got Generation Indigo before she left us. & yes, she will be sorely missed :(

I didn't know much of her

I didn't know much of her until fairly recently. I was first introduced via "Oh Bondage Up Yours" (it still makes me laugh when people mistake that song as promoting BDSM), but I loved her when I saw her on some punk documentary that I can't remember the name of. Most people were full of ego and crap or too "zoned-out" to make any sense. But she was fascinating and made me laugh and talked a lot of sense.

I can't wait to listen to her new album. It makes me sad that she never got well enough to perform it.

Punk Rock Pioneer

Poly Styrene was such a trailblazer! So sad to hear of her passing and that she won't be around to promote her new work.

She was rad and her music is

She was rad and her music is still fucking relevant, she will be missed.

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